Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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two crazy crafters

Hope your summer is Wonderful! Enjoy the roses. Twyla


I do believe I can smell those particular roses just by looking at them. What a beautiful photo! Mary


What beautiful roses! Enjoy yourself!


Gorgeous roses! My yard is a barren wasteland at the moment due to construction! I am living vicariously thru you!


Taking time to smell the roses, includes enjoying Turkey Feathers.

paula luckhurst



Hello to you to !! Glad your getting a little R&R:-)


I should have rested more too, as I'm starting teaching Aug 5th already! yikes. Happy Summer! hugs


This is me, wavin' back at you!

What beautiful roses. I can smell them all the way up here. It looks like the Mister's concoction is doing it's magic, once again.

Best wishes to you!


Yes we're smelling the roses here this summer. Wish the ones I planted this summer looked like yours!


what beautiful flowers! :)

Taking time to smell the roses is what its all about in my opinion! :) Enjoy!


Such beautiful roses. Enjoy your summer!



I love your blog and what you have created on it. Have a lovely summer. I am enjoying winter at the moment which sounds odd doesnt it?

dirftwood shack

Enjoy- the lovely lazy days don't last forever!


Those are so beautiful! I have to run out and do the same thing right now. Great season for roses



I love this site.

Wonders Never Cease

What lovely roses!
And yes we are too! Fall will be here soon enough. We must gather the rosebuds while we can!


I know I'm a couple of days late on this one, but your peasant blouse brings back memories! My friend and I went shopping over the last weekend, and my splurge was a similar top, in a print, that brought back memories of the raglan sleeved, gathered tops I also made when I in my early teens. I ordered a pattern in my current size to make some, and a few pieces of sale fabric over at Hancock's of Paducah's web site. I don't know if it's some kind of menopause deal or what, but I've also been riding my bike allot, eating Popsicles, and doing other simple things I enjoyed in my childhood. (?) If the pattern works out, I would also like to make a white one with embroidery on it---another thing I did tons of as a kid. I hope you are enjoying your summer---Brenda.

charlotte lyons

happy summer there! have a giveaway over my way.....garage sale bliss/torture. xoC


You bet I am. Right now I need to being in Midlife and all.


Hi, there! It's been a while since I stopped by...Glad you're having a grand summer! So are we...summer can't last long enough! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))


I think we all need some time to smell the roses! Have a fun and relaxing summer!


Lovely blog and beautiful roses. Enjoy the summer and I will continue to read you archives. Oh, and your kitty has the sweetest little face!


So glad to hear that you are taking the time out to enjoy the season.
We are heading towards Spring here in Tasmania, and can't wait to get have the garden blooming again!
Take care :) Kali

Kathy Kerr

I love your sight, I have a dresser almost identical to the one the pheasant blouse is hanging on in your picture, it also has the little wheels, it was my grandmas first piece of furniture, and as the first married granddaughter she gave it to me, I have been offered over $350 for it...but it is never for sale!


Congratulations on having a Brilliante blog. You can find full details of this award on my blog.


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