Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sandra :)

OMG so sweet - what a beautiful surprise to find!


Honestly your beautiful blog is like a dream world... it looks as though you live in a live-action Bambi world, where fawns nap in daisy meadows. What a dear sight!

Cathy Santarsiero

Oh my goodness! What a sweet thing to find in your backyard. Such a great photo. Warmly, Cathy ^..^


How precious is that?!! What a beautiful setting.

miss paula

This is the best!! What a great surprise to run into! Thank you for sharing. I would never have seen anything like this!


I've always loved sweet surprises like that. You feel like you've stumbled upon the secrets of the world.
:-) Gina


Wonderful discovery!!
I thought of you on Sunday morning when I looked out my window and saw a doe walking ever so carefully through my back yard.


oh you are so lucky to have those sweet creatures. when i was in seattle i was entranced by them. the way they would trot along the sidewalk and if the gate was open, go on in as if they were invited for a visit! we do have deer but they are on the other side of the fence - raised for meat : - (

thanks for all the lovely pictures of them!


I LOVE your sweet wildlife photos!


What an awesome discovery.


How sweet and precious indeed.
Love Jeanne


I love this picture and your banner picture. Needless to say I love deer also ! Thanks for sharing !


Are you certain you don't live on a wildlife reserve:-)


What a darling find! I think I would have squealed loud enough to alert Mama Doe! How incredibly sweet!

paula luckhurst

Such pretty thing.

Julie  Phillips

That little fawn is the sweetest! I love to see them that young, those darling spots won't last long....thanks for sharing this wonderful photo



Yes, "our" baby fawns are dancing in our back field having a delightful time!


Lucky you! And thanks for sharing!!!


what an adorable find !

Vee~A Haven for Vee

Such a sweet discovery! Such a darling photograph and just when I thought my favorite was the one of the curtain blowing at the window.


Oh my....
That's so incredible!! Just stopping by to catch up on blog reading, I'm sure glad I did. Everything is always so beautiful here.


oh, how precious! I just love your blog :)

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