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Happy 4th of July!


Have a wonderful 4th with your family!

paula luckhurst

It's nice to see so many blogs talking about the 4 of July. Before pre Internet days, I always liked to see it in movies.


Happy 4th Vicki!
Enjoy your vacation.


Happy 4th of July :O)
Hope the day will bring lots of fun.

Even if we don't celebrate that day here in Norway I think I'll just bake a little cupcake and share the fun :p

Best- Kirvil.


That recipe sure sounds like a keeper! Have fun :o)!


Hello~ Hope you all have FUN!!! Happy 4th!!! ~Mandy


What beautiful visions that description provides, and all the little pictures tell even more of the story. :)


Thanks for a great post!


Oh my goodness, that is the most beautiful collage. I just love it! Happy 4th to you and yours also!

Elizabeth Mackey

What an adorable post!
I would love to try that recipe sometime :)

Mary Alison

Now that is MY kind of cooking. This is a recipe we have made for many years and I can attest to it's yumminess.

Happy 4th and beyond.

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