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Tina W

I just thought I would say I love this picture... We had a fawn in our care for a short time Saturday... My son saved it from our dogs. He brought it in until I could find out if it was injured or not... thankfully it was just shaken up a bit. After a short while he was able to return it to the woods for the mommy to reunite with... Ahhhh, there is something special about your posts of the deers. Sorry if I bored you with this but had to share or burst.


As cute as these little guys are I've about had it with them in our yard. We have three sets of twins bedding down in our yard nightly. Not even the slightest bit afraid. I've come within feet of them all and they nonchalantly look up, asking for more hostas thank you very much. I'm going to try your repellent mix but really, I'm just giving up on the garden!


picture perfect!


WOW! Beautiful photo! How blessed you are to have that to look at in your backyard. Thanks for sharing such a lovely sight.


I love the camera cord hanging bar except to my 2 cats it would be the fun place to PLAY all day and steal mommy's cords! I'd have to go higher or risk torturing them all day!

bs honey

I think that I'm too late for the contest; but still wish to share.
Long ago and far away I was a junior in our Southern Baptist Bible School. Think that made me about ten or twelve years old. In her hurry to be first to finish the embroidery work that we were doing, Bobbye stitch her piece to her skirt. When she lifted the needle work to take the hoop off, her skirt came up, too, causing everyone to laugh.
Sweet girl went on to become a missionary in other countries, along with her husband, Jerry Rankin, and children.
I"m still embroidering, and I love reading your blog post.
Also, wish to thank you for the recent freebies. I'm looking forward to working these up.

[email protected]

Wonders Never Cease

What a beautiful sight! Lucky girl!

Mary Smith

Oh my goodness, those deer are amazing!! Did you take that photo?!




Beautiful photo! You are so fortunate to have such beauty visit your yard. I've seen a few deer and a buck up close on my hikes around where I live and am always so excited to see them! They are such beautiful creatures.


Hi, I'm visiting you via Peggy, the Simple Woman. I just adore your blog, it is fun and interesting. I love the picture of the deer!
I'm having a Christmas in July giveaway through the end of the month, hope you'll stop by!


What beautiful deer! They are such wonderful creatures.

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