Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Bethany Johnson

Embroidery is my first love that I have only been reunited with recently (thanks to your blog and others like yours). My first introduction to any needlework came when I was probably 9 or 10. I had no experience being around crafts as my mother was not the sewing type. But my father introduced me to it by buying me a little kit for doing the best on my report card out of the 4 of us. I will always remember those little cross-stitched quilt squares of rabbits in overalls doing various chores. My stitches were not too refined but boy I labored over those with great love. I never finished them and have long since lost them but they are as much a part of me as my name or eye color. My mother sent her daughters to Singer to take sewing lessons and I was the only one who pursued the hobby. I have since learned to quilt, crochet, and knit. Thanks for letting me visit that part of my past.

Linda Kelley

I love your organized solution for the cables! Each time we prepare to leave on a road trip, I'll confirm with my 12-year-old daughter that she has everything together for her camera, MP3 players, etc. And of course, it never fails - at the very moment we're ready to leave, she realizes that she forgot a cable and we're left searching through a box of tangled power cords. This little project would greatly solve this problem. I'm enjoying your charming blog.


Beautiful photos! Those quail are so cool... I wish we had some living around here, but I've never seen any.

Speaking of foul... the birds not 'yucky stuff'... I've finally gotten a petition and proposal ready to go to the town council. I've collaborated with some distant neighbors who have chickens on this project... and I've set up a blog about it. There's a link from my 'regular' blog, but I'll just put it here too for ease of use - check it out! www.wfchickens.blogspot.com

paula luckhurst

Oh, the picture with the curtain blowing by the open window... So Turkey Feathers. These are the things I like so much in your blog and make feel so good.

Cathy Santarsiero

What a clever cable idea. Oh yeah, wi-fi for appliances would be awesome. Have a lovely weekend! Warmly, Cathy ^..^

dirftwood shack

I keep all my cables in seperate knots with stickers saying what they are for on the plugs( so you no which to unplug if you have a lot plugged in together) and also labels on the cable too- i think I may be a little bit too organized sometimes! My view today is of a wet trampoline and 3 miserable children with their noses pressed to the window!

perched on a whim

cute blog! I'll be checking back for sure! Thanks for sharing.

Rachael in NZ


I've been enjoying your blog for the past few weeks now. What a simple, yet clever idea. I absolutely LOVE the little drawstring bag in the picture, where could I find a pattern for that?



Curtains gently blowing over the bedspread on a sunny summer afternoon. what a fond memory you've evoked for me. thank you!


I love your "wire" rack! So clever!

Renee Plains

LOVE your great idea for hanging all those cords on the rack behind your door! SOOOO SMART!

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