Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I happened to find your blog thru LIEN @ Lovely Living.

You have a lovely and beautiful site. I'll come back often.

A friend and I will be heading to a local farm sometime next week for some strawberries. Never jam before... might want to give it a try.

Thanks for sharing.. If you have a chance pls check out my new blog.



Cheers and joy! A salute to you on your 3rd blogaversary. Your blog is a sweet spot, one that I appreciate very much.


I adore your blog! It is so inspiring in each and every way. Happy 3rd blogsary to you!


Happy Blogaversary!! I love your blog and I especially love strawberry jam! I make some every year but have never found such cute lids and bands!! Very delicious looking.


Gratz with the big day =)
Your blog is the first I read, you really inspire and I hope you will never give up this blog.
Enjoy the jam :O)


Not long ago I found some wild strawberries while out mowing...reminded me of when I was a young girl and how I picked tons of wild strawberries. I probably had enough one time for jam!

I've nominated you for the Arte y Pico award and you can see the details on my blog at the June 25th entry. Do not feel pressured to pass it on - basking in the fun of it is fine. You are already busy jamming!
:-) Gina


Happy blogaversary! I adore your blog with all my heart.

That strawberry label is so cute!!


Happy Blogaversary! I have been a long time reader and enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for the sweet strawberry Jam icon. :) have a blessed weekend.

Amanda Roberts

~So glad you keep blogging! Things wouldn't be the same without your ~sweet place~ to visit! I enjoy it so much! ~Amanda


Love your place..but you know that.
Happy blogging, Vicki!!!

We are almost to the end of the berries in our little patch. We had strawberry shortcake for supper last night.



I love your blog too, and you're a big inspiration to me Vicki, in so many ways. I value your kindness more than you will ever know.

I love your labels. What a clever idea! Thank you for sharing it.

Happy blogiversary to you!


I love your cheery blog, congratulations! Thanks also for your pattern source, i was able to find the exact one I'd been loooking for, dancing vegies, to make for my daughter as she prepares to get married.

miss paula

Oh my!! The strawberries are gorgeous!! I bet you make great jam!! I think I can smell it from here!!! ***sniff*** ***sniff***


Congrats!! Keep on bloggin'. I love to stop by to see what you and the girls (and the Mister) are doing. It's a happy place to drop by each day. Thanks, Tina


I came here through your recent arte y pico award and am so happy to have found you! Your photography is fabulous... in this post I especially love the three containers of strawberries in various stages of prep! Congratulations on your anniversary... I hope you'll be around for many more years!

Robin A.


Happy Blogaversary!
I've just started one and have been getting great inspiration from blogs such as yours. Wonderful photography! You are very creative.
Hope you had fun making the jam .... it always makes a kitchen smell so wonderful while it's cooking.



I'm a fairly new reader to your blog, but I enjoy it immensely. I've bookmarked it! I've turned a few friends on to it as well and they are so glad that I did! Congratulations on three years!


You're on my blog as a favorite. I was so happy to have found a person who loves strawberries and roses and crafts and sewing and cooking and so much more, like a link to dollhouse bakery stuff (sweet). A beautiful blog, that's what you have here. Happy Third Year! Hope there are many more to come!

Shelly G.

Happy Blog-versary:) You are so clever... I love your jam labels... They are adorable...


Happy blogversary...your jam looks delicious and the lables are lovely.

dirftwood shack

ooooooooh lovely looking jam- and happy blogday well done keeping going for three years you must have made so many things over those years- you should do a review of your favourites for us!


Just a quick note to let you know that I recieved my patterns yesterday. They are all that I had hoped for and more! Thank you, Bridgette


Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary and for posting about your making jam day !!!
Lately I've being wanting to try it myself but it seems so daunting. I got a book on canning, but it didn't help much ... just scare me a little :-) .
Do you have any advice for someone (like me) who doesn't have any idea where to start ?
Thanks !!!


happy three years! i have been going for two now - where does the time go?!

thanks for all your inspiration and blog <3

louise xxx


Wow, Happy Bloggiversary! That jam looks really yummy! I wish I had gotten more strawberries while they were in season here. I was too busy this year with birthdays and trips... I have been reading a few blogs that have also recently decided to go other ways, and I always wonder if I could have commented more, or if that would have made a difference. It is like having friends in a 'club' of sorts too.


Love making homemade jam and I love your blog! I commented on your touching Tasha post too!
Happy Blogiversary! 3 yrs that's a lot of writing and images stored! I'm coming up to my third soon!
Love your strawberry seal too!


I love making Jam. Happy anniversary.


The strawberry lids are just too perfect, aren't they? :-)

I actually made raspberry jam today, a first for me, since I am so not a cook. I can't wait to taste the results!


I am so glad that three years ago you decided to blog about jam. I have enjoyed reading here for 2 years-happy blogaversary.


I miss you too, V. xo.


Happy belated blogaversary. I'd been away for a few days, but just stopped in to see what's new. So congrats! Your blog is a breath of fresh air - wonderful and sweet! And with the right amount of humor and wit to keep me giggling. I'm inspired!


I've not been able to brave the heat and make jam, so we've been devouring the scrumptious red berries with every meal. I may regret it later, but probably I'll mostly regret not having a 'summer kitchen' seems like a good idea all of the sudden doesn't it?

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

Now to have some of this with some homemade biscuits... yum!

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