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Happy Birthday Grace! What fun you will have with your piano!!


What a lovely gift and happy birthday to Grace! What kind did you get? We've been looking for one too for our piano (potential) players:-)


What a wonderful gift. The flowers are lovely.
Happy Birthday Grace!


Happy birthday and congratulations on the content of the BIG box.


How exciting! Does she already now how to play or is she learning? One of my kids mentioned the other day that they would like to take piano lessons.

Terri Pollhein

How wonderful!!

We found a keyboard at a yard sale, but need to go buy a chord (it can run on batteries, but my children never remember to shut things off, so battery operated anything is an expensive proposition


Aww, it reminds me of the delivery of Marianne's piano-forte in "Sense & Sensibility." :-) How exciting! Happy birthday, Grace!

Jean C.

Beautiful! Do you know how to play already? How wonderful for you and the family... "and they made beautiful music together..." sorry can't recall the movie/book! I'm sure that you will though. Have fun. Oh, and have a happy birthday. Must be a great month... my DH and our youngest DD's birthdays are this month... one on Thurs. and the other next Tues. The flowers were brillant! Enjoy them! What a nice way to start the day!

Mary Smith

The colours on those flowers are so bright! I love the garden post as well. Your garden looks so beautiful! The deer are quite a nice surprise too!

Heidi Woodruff

A piano: the perfect birthday gift! Yippee!!!! I love playing the piano... I set headphones, wow, back in the day we used the damper peddal! Enjoy!!!
Everday Cookies


Happy Birthday Grace!


A wonderful happy birthday wish to Grace. You have a beautiful, beautiful family.


I've been ill and missed Miss Grace's big day. I'm so glad that it was a happy one.

All good wishes to her, and to you and your husband on your anniversary too!


Oh, I am so behind - but a heartfelt, even if belated, very Happy Birthday to Miss Grace!
Has Lily tried walking across the birthday present yet? One of our cats used to love to do that!

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