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I love the garden,so different from a traditionally planted garden. It has an organic/exotic flair that draws you in.
I too will miss Tasha Tudor. I admired her handmade items and the love she gave to whatever she created. What a women in so many ways. A true loss. Thanks for the memories.


This is lovely. Ever since you posted your visit to the thyme garden - last year? - I've been wanting to plant thyme to trail over my rocks like water. I have some in now. :)

I was grateful to see your Tasha Tudor post, to which I linked yesterday from my blog. Just in the past couple weeks I have developed an obsession with Tasha Tudor, so it was a bummer to see that she had passed away. My grandmother used to love her, she always thought she was so interesting, but it took me some years to discover her. Fortunately we can still be inspired by all the art by her and books about her.


What a beautiful garden.


I will truely miss one of my favorite illustrator. Tasha was such an inspiration on so many levels. I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden photo's!

Jodi Renshaw

What an amazing place! Good for you to have experienced it. Love,


Awesome photos! I love the strawberries.

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