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Cathi in Ireland

How sad to hear of Tasha's passing. I have had her Heirloom Crafts in my possession for years, and am amazed by all that she did, what an amazing talent and what a great lifestyle she led.


OH I I adored Tasha Tudor. I found out about her passing a few days ago, I used to get their newsletter. How sad to have lost someone so wonderful, she will be missed by all. I too have a few of her books and everytime we go to the library, my girls go straight to that section of the library where the Tasha Tudor books are, there are not many but enough for us to keep taking out. I agree this should be Tasha Tudor week!!!
happy Weekend


If you would like to join in some of the Take Peace yahoo group I run are preordering David Austen roses--Elegantyne for next year to plant in our gardnes as a sort of memorial to Tasha. Tasha always planted in threes so we will be doing that. I will announce it on my blog as time draws near but they only ship at certtain times of year and roses are best planted in New England in Spring not Fall, may be different for your zone. She was such a lovely lady!!!


I am very sad about Tasha's passing. But also so happy she had a long, happy life. I did do a post about Tasha and the girls and I are hoping to have a Tasha day this week.




Thanks for blogging about this, Vicki. I hadn't heard that she died. I've always loved her illustrations and remember several magazine articles (that I probably still have somewhere) about her home, work, and vintage clothing collections. And those sweet doggies, too.


Add another illustrator to my book search list. I only rediscovered her a few years ago via a PBS special. I was so saddened to hear about her passing.


She was an amazing women! I always wished I had some of her determination. What she could do in a day, year and life time was something truly special. I have the magazine of her dress, they are Breath taking. I also love that she didn't care what anyone thought, she created her world, love it and lived it with a great passion.

Flassie's Fil'a

This is the first I heard.
I have her on my links too.

I have some of her books and
just this last year gave my
dgrd a Christmas book of hers.

I admired her so much. She will
be missed. Thanks for letting us

God Bless You and Yours!!!

jenny b harris

I agree, we should declare this Tasha Tudor Week! She brought such joy into the world.


I was so sad when I opened my Early Bird Post from the Tudor family and learned of Tasha's death. I have a small post on my blog; she was a remarkable lady.


When I read of her passing my first thought was of you. Thank you for sharing your love for her - I'm sure she has many more admirers because of it. I love that she lived her life so true to herself, a great lesson for everyone.


I just rediscovered her lovely books this month.
I am so sad to learn of her passing.


I,too, was saddened to read in the New York Times about Tasha Tudor's loss. I also wrote a short tribute about her:


One of your readers directed me to your blog's tribute, and I'm very glad I came over to read it -- it was beautiful!



Thank you for this post,I had never heard of this remarkable lady and was sorry to hear of her passing before I could get to know her work!
Her illistrations are amazing I would love to find some of her books to look at, pehaps if I try our library they may have some there!
Love from Kathy and the girls


I'm really saddened by Tasha's passing. She was a venerable, old soul who created so much beauty in her life.

She will always be an inspiration.

Yes. Let's make it a Tasha Tudor Week.


Such a dear, dear person. I met her thru Victoria magazine a few years back and also this is when I first saw such a dog.
With kindness,

Mount Mercy Me

What a gift Tasha Tudor shared with the world. She'll be so missed. Hopefully, the revived Victoria will do a long memorial article on her; she is such a fascinating person.
Thank you for memorializing her.



I had no idea she had died. So sad, I too am always on the lookout for her books. Have you seen these:


They are fabulous, rare glimpses inside her home and family life.


~Thanks for such a wonderful post on Tasha Tudor.~ Amanda


I KNEW there was a reason why she kept popping into my mind the last few days!! She is a favorite of ours...a birthday can't go by without "Becky's Birthday", which we check out from our library, since we don't have a copy. And each Christmas Eve we read a special Tasha Tudor edition of "The Night Before Christmas". Even my first copy of "The Secret Garden" is illustrated by her. I have read some about her, but I don't know her whole story...though I certainly plan to find out! Tasha Tudor week it is!!!!


Thank you for the lovely post about T.T. I am so glad that I got a signed print of hers many years ago. I had gotten it out just recently in order to get it matted and framed. I will always cherish it.


Thank you for this. I have my own Tasha Tudor comment on my blog, http://www.goodcrafternoon.com

Lovely Living

What a great blog do you have. I love to visit you.
Do you like to visit me on:


Such a sad loss, that made two losses of such wonderful people over the last two weeks... I wish I had written more, your entry was beautiful and the pictures splendid!



I'm not sure how I first learned about this fascinating woman. I do remember going to the local library to check out a book about her. I can still recall reading about how she would make her own dyes for fabric and yarn, especially the indigo blue. She would have everyone she knew, family and visitors alike, urinate in a large barrel that she kept in the barn. It had to be left in the summer heat to ferment, she knew exactly the right moment to add the color. She wrote how it was the only way to get the perfect blue! She was truly one of a kind, and those of us that take the chance to learn more about her will be better off indeed.


She must have been a lovely lady. Her books looks so charming, I love such books, filled with beautiful drawings and poems. The dogs is so great too.


I see I've missed a few post from vacation to garden "alien", & now to this. What a lovely write-up you've done on Tasha Tudor.She was a most fascinating personality!


I see I've missed a few post-from vacation to garden "alien" & now,your lovely write-up on Tasha Tudor's passing.She had many fans.


Vicki, this is such a beautiful post, and commemorates Tasha Tudor perfectly. I too felt in her, a kindred spirit. I often have found courage in her authenticity, and peace in the beauty that she created.

In her honor, I'm giving away a copy of Tasha Tudor's Garden on my blog this week.

Take Joy!


This was a beautiful tribute to Tasha! I had never seen photos of her as a younger woman before this!
She lives on in our hearts and in all her enchanting art works.All of Nature misses her as do we. Peace be to Tasha


i had no idea she'd passed away - how very sad.

i came to know her through victoria magazine, & always loved when i saw her featured within its pages.

Debbee Thibault

What a lovely, deep, and creative spirit she was and what an inspiration she still is.

Debbee Thibault


God I think I live under a rock. I didn't know that Tasha passed on. I did at least know that she lived in Vt as well. I'm happy that Victoria magazine is back as well. I remember an article done on Tasha YEARS ago in Victoria. I loved her art.


What a lovely post about dear Tasha, she was and I think,
always will be, an inspiration for gentle living and a true model for doing things just as you wish.
Thank you! xo N

Cathy Santarsiero

I love the photos you posted of Tasha. They are some of my favorites (especially with the Corgis...big surprise, right?) I agree, we should declare a Tasha Tudor holiday each year. I have a few signed prints with sketches from Tasha similar to yours which I treasure as well. One of these days I should post them on my blog. These are all secret little 'unpublished' treasures that we have, aren't they? So very special. Have a happy 4th! Cathy ^..^

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