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I thought I should wait to buy some minis for when Maria is a bit older, but maybe I should start collecting now... before Grace is even more in demand.

Miss Paula

I think your robin has such personality!! I love it!! I think a tutorial is a must!!


We tried needle felting recently, too. It's so much fun but I was very leery of those needles around my kids and then I was the only one that stabbed myself!


That needle felting is a bit addictive, no? Your projects are lovely!

Wonders Never Cease

What a sweet baby bird. You're making me want to try my hand at that. Thank you!

Mississippi Mama

So sweet!

Have you ever shared the ages of your kids in a post? Please do!


That little robin is the sweetest thing! :)


They look so adorable, despite having caused so much trouble.
Have fun tree-shopping!


That robin is one of the nicest things I have seen in a good while. It has such character and sweetness.


I have to comment, that baby bird is soooo cute.

Jean C.

Ahem, sorry to be on the practical side... but when was the last time you had a tetnus shot? If you are stabbing yourself (even accidentally) with a rusty needle... you need one if you haven't had one in the past 7-10 years! Tetnus isn't anything to mess with. Your little friends are wonderful! Looks like a new craft has been born!
Have fun! Keep Crafting!

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