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Miss Paula

It's called a white polka dot tree! Just kidding. Everything looks beautiful!

bs honey

Miss Paula is right, it's "not" a white polka dot tree. Wish I had a name for you, sadly I don't. It is a pretty tree though.

Hubby and I have been working in our yard, also. Today, we are trying our green thumbs at planting tomatoes up side down in hanging pots. Hope it works. Then you can visit, and we'll have iced tea with red, juicy tomatoes, mayo, black pepper, on fresh baked bread. Oow, makes me drool....gotta' go eat.


The pink Dogwood is even prettier and tends to grow slower..The daisies are lovely but can become very invasives..I'm not sure what the tree is because I can't see it real well but like Paula's white polka dot tree response..Val


Oh the wee beasties. I remember a first garden salad of a long ago Spring. As we ate my husband asked what it would take for us to grow all of our own food. I sat and contemplated, when he heard a rustling in the garden. Our pet bunnies had escaped and in no time they had already mowed every last leaf and sprout!


wonderful that you've protected your salad bar from getting destroyed. I'm not to sure about the last picture, could it be a standard white bougainvillea?


I love your pictures and can relate to the bunny tales. We have them, and deer too, so pesky this time of year when everything is budding and they eat them down to the nub in no time flat.Our cats sort of keep a handle on them but thats awful too! Good luck with yours. I just found you so I am going to check out the great looking stuff you made over at flickr :)

Gumbo Lily

The tree looks like it might be a plum. We have American plum trees that bloom about now, very white and beautiful and strong smelling.



I sure know that the "cute" bunnies are giving me fits. I planted a pretty new perennial yesterday, only to find the flowers gnawed off and laying on the ground today. *ARGH* I can understand if they are hungry, but don't gnaw off my plants and leave them laying there when you decide that you don't like the taste!!!!

I did buy a few plants that claimed to be bunny repellants. Although I planted them in the same bed as the gnawed flowers, it appears that they need to be in very close proximity of the plant intended to be protected. They smelled like skunk in the car on the way home...maybe they are really human repellants :)

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