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I am in love with the Doll House Bakery. Do you have that in your house? How did you make all those mini things? I think it would be lovely to have one for daydreaming. (Even though I am 53 years old)


Oh what a darlin' bunny that is * he looks perfectly content muching away * love your garden smocks, too!!


I swear to you, if I could have bunnies or deer in my yard I would feed them whatever their hearts desired!

Miss Paula

This picture is priceless!!


Most alarming!
So, that's not rabbit-proof fencing?

Wonders Never Cease

It's Peter Cottontail! I love the photo! And your banner is gorgeous!


I know that they eat good stuff in our garden but they are so cute.


That is so adorable! Of course, I probably wouldn't think that if I had critters nibbling my plants.


Oh naughty bunny! Cute as a button though..LOL! Hopefully he won't eat them all, we freeze the flowers in ice cube trays then put the ice cubes in lemonade --very pretty:-)


Kinda a love/hate relationship..lol. The bunny is soooo cute and so are your smocks.


Thats so funny and cute love the pic!

Elizabeth Mackey

ooooo little stinker!! Very cute though!!


It has been said that eating borage flowers will give you courage. I see this works for bunnies too.


I must say that is a pretty cute invader!!! We have ugly moles.


they too want to reap the benefits of our beautiful gardens. Naughty naughty bunny!

paula luckhurst

This is so funny. Lovely picture.


Hilarious! Fabulous timing!

robin~thrifty miss priss

Awww! I know you probably don't think it's so cute but I think it's adorable!


Happy *belated* May Day to you! What a perfect picture for the day:)


Oh my, that looks like Peter Rabbit in the garden come to life!


What a wonderful photo. It reminds me of Peter Rabbit.


What a gorgeous photo!

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