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It's so wonderful to find surprises. This makes me smile.


Ooooooooooh my!


Beautiful! I love these old fashioned lovelies.


What a glorious surprise!

Barbara H.

Oh, those are just gorgeous! I have never had irises before but I want to at some point.


They are pretty surprise! Super easy to grow, but you have to divide them every 3 years. I need to do that to mine in the fall. There's a post up, but a few down on my blog right now.

Terri Pollhein

Gorgeous! Like finding hidden treasure, isn't it?


Aren't they beautiful:-)


That's Awesome!!


I love irises, and the colors of these are especially pretty. I seem to remember there are iris fields in your area. Someday, I would like to visit them. It must smell so amazing when they are in bloom.

Lovely photos Vicki!


It's hard to believe that something so lovely can come from a ugly old bulb, just beautiful.


I love my iris flowers. I have so many of them all over and most are purple. They were some my friend had cleared from her yard. I wish I had some yellows but your pink is incredible!


What a great surprise. I've seen a fair amount of purple ones but that last picture looks blue! I love blue. How wonderful, indeed.


Oh! They are so lovely!


A beautiful, beautiful spring surprise. Lovely.

Gabriela Delworth

Oh my!
Wonderful irises! Great photos!

Warm regards,



They're beautiful! What a lovely surprise.


Inspirational! Now I want to sew a little girl's party dress!

Wonders Never Cease

Wonderful! What a nice surprise!
I mentioned your etsy shop on my blog about etsy today--I hope it helps friends discover your work!

Anyone with an etsy shop (or without!) is welcome to drop by and give themselves a plug!

Enjoy your pretty irises!


What fabulous Iris's. I love them and would let them take over my yard if the dog and hubby and kids didn't have a fondness for being able to play in the grass


What beautiful irises! I really enjoy your blog -- so pretty and refreshing!

Just a word: now that you know which irises are what color, you should consider dividing them. If you don't they will turn purple eventually -- that is, unless you want all-purple beds. I know it sounds crazy, but it really happens. Ask the old gardeners.



thank you so much for sharing!!!

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