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I love all the bird watching going on, and what an extra treat this bluebird sighting is! She got a really nice shot. I look forward to updates. A scrub jay is sitting on a nest outside our front door! I hope I can take her picture, without ruffling her feathers too much.


Oh, my goodness, is that beautiful? It looks like a flying rainbow!


Isn't it great to have friends to help us? - after a friend built us some birdhouses specifically for bluebirds we've been blessed with several pairs nesting and raising families. No good pictures, though - :-( but I'll look forward to more of Grace's pictures.
And while I'm here - I LOVE your blog, love your work, love your website!!!

Susan Jonsson

Do you live in the NW? I have always wanted to put up a bluebird house....but as far as I know they live East of the Cascades.


Wonders Never Cease

So pretty! We used to have a couple boxes in our old house. You've inspired me to put some up again.

Susan Elliott

I'm a bluebird fanatic myself and find it almost a full time job protecting their nesting space from aggressive competitors. It's such a blessing to get a bluebird family. I almost had them this year but the wrens tossed out the nest and took over the box. I also find house sparrows to be a terror -- they will toss out the eggs, peck the mother while she's on the nest....good luck! My son always asks, "Mom, why don't they fight back?" They really are fairly meek in the bird world; but oh so beautiful.


I saw a blue bird today. It was a beautiful sapphire blue.
Wish I could have gotten a picture, but he moved too soon.
Seeing it made my day ! Thanks for the picture.

bs honey

Now, this is how I love my morning coffee, relaxing on the patio and enjoying the bluebirds.
Great picture of the bird.

Elizabeth Mackey

Boy you sure get to have access to some cute animals!! How lucky to capture that beautiful bird!


I've never seen a real bluebird before! I would have been absolutely thrilled. Won't it be exciting if they have babies?

It's a lovely photo Miss Grace! Thank you for sharing.

stephanie s

lovely lovely photo.... you are so lucky.

paula luckhurst

How lucky you are to have these beauties near by.


I think I must live where there are bluebirds...isn't that somewhere over the rainbow? Perfect timing of the pic...thanks for sharing, Grace. :)

Gumbo Lily

O joy! A bluebird! I hope they choose your home.


Mary Smith

Wow! That is an amazing bluebird. I wish we saw those here in B.C.!


I just found your blog through Tami over at Simple Fancies and LOVE what I see!


Love daisies. They fet in casual as well as elegant. I have always thought of them as the eclectic flower!


Thank yoou for your lovely blog. I enjoy checking in frequently. Your life is so different from mine. It is a true breath of fresh air to visit you. Your projects are so much fun. How I wish I could knit those tiny sweaters for my little creatures. Have a great time as you pause for awhile. I look forward to seeing your next post. Sincerely, perryjane


Oh, my gosh you must think I am nuts! Sorry about the little sweaters comment. I was in another place in blogland. All the rest is most definitely meant! Once again, sincerely, perryjane

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