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What a sweet sweet baby, there is nothing more peaceful or precious than a sleeping baby. What a lovely photo.

Wonders Never Cease

What a beautiful baby! She really is so perfect!


And the rhodie dressed in pink too!
Olivia looks just as dear and snug as a newborn should. What a joy!

Kelly Henderson

Congratulations! Pink flowers, pink clothes, and one beautiful pink baby girl.
Lucky you!


How precious--she is as pink and cute as the flower:-)

jenny b harris

Pretty in pink! Beautiful flower, precious baby. So sweet.


She is so beautiful!!! Enjoy your grandbaby time.


Oh my Vicki, she's a beauty!

Miss Paula

Hush Hush whisper who dares, Christopher Robin in saying his prayers!

That was a line from a poem in an older book called The Bumper Book!

How sweet Olivia is!!! I could gobble her up!!

Amy H

Oh, I just love her little hand tucked up beside her head. Such a funny and sweet little position that babies love!


What a precious little peanut.

Vee~A Haven for Vee

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, beautiful granddaughter!

Rosie G

Oh so sweet!





I love rhodies!! My technical name for them (especially the light pink/white ones) are whipped-cream flowers! Your grand daughter is adorable. So peaceful! xox, Linnea

ellen kelley

Two beautiful pink blossoms..the rhododendron is lovely, but the second blossom outshines the first.
Congratulations! Is is possible to send a little bit of baby scent through the Internet? It's the most precious scent in the world.

jen duncan

There's nothing better in the whole wide world than a brand new grandchild. Enjoy every moment, for they are fleeting.


This is the first picture I've seen of her. She's so cute! Can you send me some more?


Congratulations! Healthy, happy and long life to all of you and to the new bloom in your family!


There's a girl who knows where she is safe and loved! What a wise little face. Precious lamb that inspires so many sweet memories of my own little pink blessings. Beautiful girl!


She is beautiful! Congratulations!


how sweet your Bitty is. i'm sure you'll enjoy every moment you spend with her. she's a very lovely baby.

Jean C.

Alright, so I knew as soon as I saw the Rhodie that you had to be in Oregon somewhere... I've only been reading your blog for a short time. But, you just can't escape the fact that the Rhodie's in Oregon at this time of year are just wonderful!
Natalie said it too... baby, you and the flower all dressed in Pink. So lovely all of the above.
Congratulations Grandma... she is beautiful. Aren't they so sweet when they are sooo tiny. Of course they are great as they get older too, just a bit different, if you know what I mean. So new from our Heavenly Father. Hope big sister is doing all right.
Thanks for sharing with us.
She is perfect!
Jean C.

bs honey

OOOOh, she is so beautiful. And aren't you having fun!!


Welcome to the world, baby Olivia!
She's beautifulm Vicki. Oh those days of looking at sweet baby faces - they're the best, aren't they?
Congratulations, to the proud parents, Grandma, Aunties and all!

lily boot

olivia is just beautiful - at first I thought it was going to be a photo of bitty with her baby (doll), the features were so still and perfect! What serenity!


What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!


What a beautiful little baby! Such a gorgeous picture.


She is so beautiful. Congrats

paula luckhurst

She is wonderful!
Girls are best.


She's adorable. What a fortunate grandmother (2x around) you are.


She is adorable! Perfect...what a blessing!


Congratulations on the birth of your newest little granddaughter Vicki! She's positively perfect in every way. :o)


Very lovely face!!


What a sweet baby ahhhh just so cute both are love seeing your children what a joy.

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