Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Mary Ellen

Congratulations on the new baby. Best wishes and God bless your family!


Congratulations on the soon arrival... it's very exciting. Fresh homemade food... the best "new baby in the house" gift ever!


OOOOOHHH congrats on the newest baby--how fun! What a lovely grandma making all the yummy stuff:-) I needle felted a corgi and I can't stop--another addiction watch out! The bunny came out cute.


Congrats on the baby-joy. You got that right w/ the food thing. My parents cooked for us when we had our last baby, and it was so sweet of them. I think we're on our own for this next one, as my little sister is expecting at the same time. Looks like lots of take out will be in order. Your daughter in law is one lucky girl.


Hugs to the new baby when it gets here! The needle felted animals are adorable.


Congratulations! It's always so exciting to have a new baby in the family.

Your needle felting is wonderful. We need practice more...

Terri Pollhein

How exciting! Congratulations!


Congratulations :o) How wonderful!! I'm sure the comfort food will be very appreciated. I love the felted creatures/mushroom you made. They're so cute!


Best wishes to all of you on this Mother's Day weekend Vicki! It's a truly special day when a new baby arrives within a family.

My son's birthday is coming soon, so I've been reliving those first days and thinking of what a wonderful help my mom was. She came and spent a week, and I especially appreciated the meals she made for us.

I love your woolies. I bought needles and wool a couple of weeks ago, but haven't tried my hand at it yet. I'm thinking of trying to needlefelt your Forget-me-not pattern and make a heart shaped pillow from it.


Congratulations on the new baby...I wish you & your family many blessings! Your needle felted animals are so cute!


what cuties you've created. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!


What a wonderful early Mother's Day present for you! Enjoy that little one! And keep posting your needle felting adventures, it's something that i've been really interested in getting into lately (as if I need another hobby) :)


what exciting news! Congratulations!! :)

love your needle feltings also :)


Lots of congrats on the soon-to-be new grandbaby!!! I am sure you are so excited:)


Congratulations on you soon to be born grandbaby and Happy Mothers Day.
The felted critters are so sweet - esp. the bunny...I almost bought Jenn D.'s felted animals book the other day, but I really need to finish all my other projects first.


Oh how exciting! It's so hard waiting for the news.


Happy Mother's Day! Your bum looks great!


Congratulations, a little early!
Hope you can pop back in and give us a full report. Wishing everyone well - have a safe trip!


Happy Mother's Day and best wishes for the new baby! My daughter turned 9 yesterday (the 1oth) and, like your new liitle one, her birthday is always connected to Mother's Day or on it. The best mother's day present you can get! All the blessings in the world for you and your family and oh...love the needlefelting...gotta try it!


Happy Mother's Day, what a lovely present :)

Now I am tempted to have a go at needle felting, the bunny looks so cute.

Gabriela Delworth


I absolutely love your felted creatures. And congrats on the new baby!


Jenny (thepolkadotpixie)

Oh my goodness!!! Many many warm congratulations. (and those needle felted sweeties are too wonderful!!!!)

Stacey Van Landingham

Wow, I'd be proud of that bum too.

Julie Lundquist

Hi..I know this is a busy time for a new grandmama and this is sort of a random question...but I have become interested in crewel work adn I remember a project you had done and shared. There was a link to a web site and I have cruised your site but havebn't been able to come up with it....any help you can offer would be wonderful!! :)

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