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Water Horse... Netfliks. Done. I was wondering about that one, thank you.
I love to renew my delight in a flower... and you have made these daisies new again!


the foal is darling. oh but there is nothing quite like the jab of the felting needle!


Love the pictures. Yellow is such a happy color and thought.


Ouch. needle jabs...I really don't like it when I get those...they send shivers up my spine! Your foal is very cute :o) I love the daisies as well. They are so cheery, I can't understand who some people would consider them weeds! Crazy!

Wonders Never Cease

The foal is so precious! I just want to snuggle up to him!


That field of daisies is so beautiful and has stayed with me all day today. I keep thinking what a lovely setting for a wedding it would make. I carried daisies on my wedding day.

That top photograph is so sunny and cheerful, Vicki. I love your foal!


I have resisted needle felting because I have sooooooo many projects going, but.....your work is precious! I am going out today to get some felting needles (and some bandaids).

Miss Paula

Cute horse!! When are you going to do a tutorial??? For people like me??

Is Water Horse the movie about the Lochness?? Or supposedly??

Beautiful flower picture as always!!


Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.


Your blog always makes me feel so happy! So many happy, colourful, inspiring things that you share...

thanks :)


Love your pictures,daisies are a favourie of mine ,sounds like you had a great weekend a bit of everything,never tried felting ,your foal is amazing!
Love from Kathyann and the girls


Got to love those daisies. Wonderful photos!

Jean C.

O.K. so our Weekend was terribly wet... so much so I think that it seeped into my brains... you said that there was a new Foal... so I'm looking, looking... and finally in the comments section it dawns on me.. you mean the cute one you made... not a living, breathing, neighing one! O.K. well I've caught up now! LoL
Your right Water Horse was really good... we agreed so much so that we bought a previously viewed copy from BlockBuster on their 3 for $20 sale...
Have fun... Your daisey's are really pretty, very summery.

Kim Chatel

Very cute! I love needle felting. I posted a home movie on my site of me making a needle felted sheep. This is to help newbies get into this wonderful craft. Check it out at: http://www.kimchatel.com/Felt_Movie.html

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

Love the little felted pony. The whole grouping with the daisies is very pretty.


Nice pictures that capture the summer spirit!
I like your needle felted animals a lot.

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