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calamity kim

I am going to try this- My chair makes marks on my legs and is rough and scratchy! When I photograph my sewing room I have to take it out because it looks like a big black hole!!! It will be so much better with a cover. Your looks very professional with the piping- I love it! and Ginger looks adorable, of course! Have a happy day! love and stitches, Kim

Jodi Renshaw

Hey friend, I am dropping by to invite you to join my Spring Giveaway ...



PS I love the purple cauliflower!


I love this. My computer chair is awful, so I just may tackle something.


I love the chair covers! What a clever idea. :) It makes something so plain look so pretty!


Beautifully done as usual but what a great idea! My chair is just like yours. It's comfy but ugly. Your cure is so much better than finding a replacement chair. Thanks.


Perfect solution to dress an otherwise very plain office chair.
Brilliant, vicki!


That chair is so pretty!

Miss Sassy

Dang. I love this!


The chair is just lovely, and i *adore* the outfit!! :) The legwarmers are especially cozy :)


Wow. Wow. Around here a double wow denotes awe and wonder. You have such sweet skills!


Wowie. I love it. So so sweet looking. Who'd ever think an ugly office chair was under that!


Ginger's outfit is *so* cute! Don't you just wish we as adults could carry that same flair? I keep trying...

Your chair is superb!


The chare is so sweet and feminine. So you're not a messy person like I am??

Love the outfit. What fun to be a young girl these days.


The slipcover is just beautiful!!! Great job!!! I wish I could sew like you do.



Great idea...now if only I could get treading the Bernina down to 10 minuter from 20 I would be all set...just kidding it only takes me 15 minutes LOL

Cece Marie

Oh, so inspiring! I love it! I have a make-shift sewing chair cover but it is not nearly as inspired or cute.


Great idea for using a vintage sheet & very pretty! I re-upholstered my office chair - it needed more padding since it had wore down - but, I want to make a slipcover for it too - of something prettier.


so so clever...loving the chair cover!


Love Ginger's outfit! A budding artist in the making...LOL! How is that book coming...nudge, nudge:-)))


Wonderful chair cover! I love this idea and thank you for the tips in making one.


She looks darling! and the purple cauliflower looks yummy!
New music alert: The Puppini Sisters (Jeepers Creepers, Mr Sandman, etc) They are great!


Hi. I love your blog (cute leg warmers!). I found you through Gracious Hospitality and wonder if you can help me. I have some embrodiery transfers and would love to start embrodery again - but am having a difficult time finding good quality linen blanks. Do any have any recommendation as to where I can file nice quality blanks? Thanks so much.


Beautiful chair covers!!! A quick question, if I may - how do you keep them from sliding around when you sit on them? Do you stitch them to the original chair, or just reposition it all the time? Love your blog, btw - hugs - Diane from Michigan


I love your blogsite... it has such a warm yummy feel so rarely experienced anymore... there's nothing like handmade crafts and art to bring warmth into the home. Thanks for sharing.


I love your office chair cover! My office chair has arms but that seems to be the only difference.

Do you sell these?? Would be very interested in one. My cats have scratched my chair to pieces!

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