Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sharon M.

Oh, Vicki! I love the robins--beautiful--and the CHAIR--gorgeous!!! I so admire the beautiful work you do--I come from a family of great seamstresses--I, unfortunately didn't get the gift--I seem to do better with hand work, like cross-stitch and embroidery, but you gals who can sew clothes and pillows and quilts...sigh. Anyway, your blog is so lovely, I visit nearly every day--and I love your new banner!
Have a great weekend!:)


Since I do hand work I can appreciate when someone puts a lot of work into something. Those pictures are beautiful.


That fabric is gorgeous. What a wonderful job on the chairs.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


I love your robins...they are so sweet! Although I love to sew, I don't know if I would have the patience to sew such beautiful chair covers.

jen duncan

So very sweet Vicki! Both the needlepoints and your awesome sewing projects.

Mary Alison

If good ol' #16 won't work try this: Use a large zig-zag stitch to attach medium weight string to the back side of the fabric. Make sure the stitch is big enough for the string to move underneath. Pulling the string to gather is mucho easier than pulling on thread.

Love, love, love the chairs!

amy j

i love the robins. so beautiful!

paula luckhurst

Nice new header, nice birds and very nice chair.


What pretty cross stitching,great find!


Wow! The chair is so gorgeous!


Love the birdies and the chair cover is great. Love the material.


You probably know this but the beautiful birds look as if they were sold with the birds pre-worked and the purchaser did the stitches in the larger mesh. My grandmother has a set of fruit chair seats done like this.


The slipcovers are gorgeous. They're very Cath Kidston-esque.


I love the robins.Someone has taken such care doing them.;-)Sal


The robins are beautiful. I've not done this type of needlework in many years and forgot its inherent beauty until you posted your wonderful find.

I love the new chair covers; the fabric is very pretty.


The slipcovers are just STUNNING. You always do such amazing, detailed work!

I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!



Wow, just stunning. The blues work so well together to be vintage and fresh at the same time.

Motherhood For Dummies

oh what cute covers! I love that white one!


What a great find. I just learned recently about grafting in smaller sized mesh in needlepoint. Amazing!

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