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If there are still scraps then isn't the possibility of more wool blanket projects! : )

I love your aprons. What ever happened to the boy kitty that was hanging around? Is he still about?

lily boot

Definitely time for the blanket booklet - I cannot wait to buy it. The projects you have created from one thrifted blanket have delighted me every time. I'm also very inspired by your use of old duvet covers - now I venture into bedding shops regularly to check out the on sale duvet covers - lots of possibilities! Thanks :-)


That fabric is so wonderful - I love seeing it in all of its new incarnations.


I just LOVE your apron!...and the fabric!... and the rick-rack!!! Such a charming blog you have! I always enjoy it! Definitely going on my list of favorites!...Heidi :)


Would those smocks be "two for the price of one" or "Buy one, Get One free"? From your inspiration I took down an old (cheap) king size fitted sheet to use for......something?


I like the choice of material you used on the smock...and, the cute little critter in the pocket.
Today I finally made a lamb from your pattern. It turned out cute, but I need to tweak the next one so it has more of a nose. My next one is from a thrifted sweater - turns out that it is made from lambs wool! lol. I'm stuffing them with old cotton stuffing I ripped out of my chairs in upholstery class. I just threw the huge wad into a zippered pillowcase & washed it in hot water. It works great in these stand up animals. Now, I need to go thru my vintage patterns because I am sure I have one for stuffed animals.


Once again the smock is just lovely? I love the colours - the blue is like the sky on a bright spring morning. I've been trying to get a pattern for a fisherman's smock so i can make one in floral fabric but as I can't find one so I might just buy myself a pattern for an apron smock. You've inspred me.


Sometimes I think of your blog as color and form therapy... you do so many beautiful things that I find uplifting, satisfying and pleasant. Just looking at you blog pages puts me in a brighter state of mind.


I love the smock, it's making me think of making a painting version, too. And the little chick is so sweet and a perfect use of the last of your little wool blanket bits.


oh it is lovely!! I'd love to see a full picture of the hanger too. did you make that? its beautiful!

Miss Paula

Ok, so....Are you going to take my order for a smock??? I love it!! Great job!


I love the smock! I have never seen a garden smock before...Maybe those of us in the south figure we would smolder wearing one more thing while gardening! :-) As always, your blog is a great inspiration and a pleasant little place to visit!

Periwinkle Vintage

Okay, here's how to use those scraps--cut them into little squares, (about 1") and then string them on a long piece of sturdy string--although I recommend fish line--inserting a jingle bell about every foot or so. Make a long garland for your mantel at Christmas, or over a door, whatever. I saw this in a mag a few years ago, so I made one, and it's country-licious!

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