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I was going to give these a whirl, thanks for the nudge. Yours came out adorable, love that blanket stitching too:-)


Your onesies are very sweet! There are so many things you can do with freezer paper.


psstt...guess what? you're not the last one on the block to try, I reckon I just might be!
I've wanted to try for a while but have been rather chicken.
Your pieces are certainly sweet and inspirational.


I think to key to not fading in the was is using the CK jenkins bottle of rinse stuff...


These are so cute, I love the stitching you did around the tshirt collars, and those vintage images are so sweet.


I think the blanket stitching makes such a difference. You are so clever!



lucykate crafts...

they look lovely, i love the word 'onesies', we call them bodysuits here in the uk, it just doesn't sound as cute does it!


Those are sooooo cute.


Did you treat the fabric before printing with a product called Bubble Jet Set? I've never tried printing on fabric that was not treated. I was told that it would wash out. Curious how you did yours. They are adorable. Terry


Time for me to Google "freezer paper." I see so many wonderful projects that require freezer paper and I still haven't bothered to figure what it is exactly. You've pushed me forward in to a must know state, with your ultra inspiring work!


Your projects always inspire...
I like the new blog banner. Checking in on bloglines causes me to miss out on details like that.

Happy Tuesday, Vicki!


Wow, these all look lovely.


My quilting class was extoling the virtues of Bubble Jet for this type of project...

gig harbor flowers

those are adorable!


I love freezer paper - I have been printing out purses for the craft fairs I have booked using old illustrations - like the ones you made for the tops. Lovely stuff!


I don't know anything about this but would love to learn more. Thanks for sharing.




Everything about your site is "simlpy lovely"! I so enjoy it!...Heidi :)


Everything about your site is "simply lovely"!....Heidi :)


these are so sweet, Vicki! I used to make those for my little ones, the hard way without these new printer options. Still have them in the keepsake box after so many years because it seemed like they always had them on- the baby clothes they really lived in. just posted about those precious days....what fun to remember. xoC


great idea, i only have a HP inkjet though, the ink is not water resistant at all...


Those are so cute! I'm glad I stumbled across this! I've never heard of using freezer paper before, I might have to try it!

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