Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I am so glad to read that you're not closing up shop so to speak. You have been one of the first blogs that I read 2 years ago and will continue to be.


Love the kitty and the apron-smock.
So glad to hear that you'll be blogging for a long time to come.

Glenn Bliss

Dear Vicki,
I was starting to get depressed, thinking of you not having your beloved blog. You brighten so many of our days!


Such darling work. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time it seems.


Thank you for being here...I love your blog and I wish it to be here every time I check.


Glad you're planning to stick around! I love the little kitty with the flower eyes. What a sweet little face.


Vicki~ Your blog is still the sweetest I've seen. I check it all the time. Your crafts are amazing and delightful to look at! Grace's sweet bakery goods always make me smile. (Will she be making more? I miss them.)I hope you keep doing what your doing and sharing it with us! The world needs stuff like this!!!


Vicki, thanks for the info on the 'old' but new Simplicity pattern. I love that top - it's just the thing to wear around the house after work and on weekends.

I too am glad you're sticking around the blog world!


That kitty is so precious. Thank you also fro sharing the lovely sights of spring on your blog. We are finally heading that direction here in Kansas I think, although today it is cold again, sigh.... Oh well, thanks again have a lovely weekend!


I'm so glad that you're hanging in there. Its tough in the craft world right now - so much competition and people pirating ideas :(

I do love your creations though, and your writing and photographs are always so inspiring.

i've been busy over on my blog too. Just posted a tute on how to make bloomers. :)



Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspirational blog. I really enjoy your posts. As to your apron-smock--it is such a practical and fun garment. I have often had so much fun observing the construction of the FLAX linen garments I wear. Many times the facings or hems come to the outside of the garment. It is a great technique. I think I will make one of these in bright happy colors to take to my next yearly doctors appointment. A few alterations would make it perfect. I have decided to give up on ever being handed any gown that fits someone over size 2! It might make a statement in a pleasant way! Anyway, thank you for sharing the pattern information. With sincere appreciation, perryjane

Mount Mercy Me

I don't think I've ever left you a comment, but I read your blog whenever I'm on line. I find your work beautiful and inspirational. It has an old fashioned charm that is very sweet and comforting. I would miss you so very much if you were gone. Thank you for sharing your work and inspiring me to keep my machine humming.


I hope you don't give up your blog...it's depressing that there are manufacturers stealing ideas/patterns. Can you get copyright protection on your items? I say all the craft bloggers should write their own craft books & that way it is documented on who originated what. I bet you'd have a lot of buyers. :)


I'm saddened by what happen over at wee wonderfuls and unfortunately find there is too much 'mean ness' in the world in too many aspects of our lives. I think the best thing we can all do is to go on spreading love and creativity and joy in life (that is certainly why I keep you on my blogroll). We the blogging community draw inspiration from each other just as we draw inspiration from any area of our life. It is very sad when that inspiration turns out to be negative and downright nasty as in the case of the stolen patterns from weewonderfuls.

Sadly sometimes life is unfair, and I know I wish it wasn't, I wish I had an answer to why some people are the way they are, but I don't.

I'd hate to see you leave the blogosphere, mostly for selfish reasons, but also because I sometimes feel in the face of the negativeness it is our job to show up and remind people that there is good in the world, and often times it silly, or funny, or pretty, or whimsical...but it is still there and for my part I'll seek it out

the farmers wife

I love those smocks but unless someone's around to tie you into them you're forced to try to wiggle in.

I love your blog. Don't give in to any drama.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


Vicki! I love your blog - it's such a sweet, happy, flowery place to visit. I have been reading you now for over a year and you might not know it but we have shared that cuppa tea and cupcake - we've shared a few! Please don't be disheartened! I'm a genuine reader and I would miss you terribly. Hugs, Jude :))


you have been making great use of that IKEA duvet you got...inspiring. I want to cover my chair now. I have a cath/ikea duvet that's a bit big fir the bed it's on maybe I'll cut it down to size and put it to good use too!.


I adore your blog. I truely look forward everytime I visit. To view your words, to see your latest creations. You are an inspiration to me!

I adore the smock apron. I'll have to check out this pattern. I've been wanting to sew some vintage style aprons up. Thank you for the idea and the knowledge that a new pattern is out there.


The smock is lovely as is your blog. I'm not sure if I've left a comment for you before as I comment on a few different ones but wanted to say that I would miss reading about the lovely things you make and do.

Sherrie Nordgren

Hi Vicki
WHEW! I'm so Thankful your not closin up,Vicki You touch so so many lives and truly brighten our days ,I feel like I have known you for ever,even though we don't know each other, Gosh we should never stop and take for granted those that have blessed and enriched our lives for just being themselves here in blog land,Your creations and photos never cease to amaze me and I sit here and drool and wish wish I could make such beautiful thins as you do.!I LOVE your newest apron I just must make one,I love every thing about it.
God bless you richly for caring and sharing with us all
Big Hug


oh they are so sweet..love your work..

Caroline Mintz

I am thrilled to find your blog. I just live up the road a piece. Your blog is the most thoughtful and beautiful site I've explored. You have blessed my day!
Thank you,
Bend, Oregon

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