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Sharon M.

Eeeek!! Beautiful!!! Oh, that my desk chair at work looked that pretty...

Periwinkle Vintage

Wow! That is truly lovely. I'm jealous.

Terri Pollhein

Now come do my desk chair. Please?


It's perfect, vicki...
Love the fabric!


That looks great! You're making me really want to do the same thing here to our Very Ugly Office Chair. It's one of those things that I've always wanted to get rid of but had no good-enough-excuse. It's purely functional, but now I see that it can be so much more! :)


What a wonderful chair cover. It's beautiful. I think I'd fall off my chair, if I took the arms off. ;-)


What a wonderful chair cover, I love it!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn

Heidi Woodruff

Very cute! I've never tried covering office chairs before, but now I want to!


Gorgeous!!! Your slipcovers are brilliant.


Love the slipcover....can you show us a full view of the back---I'd love to see how you finished it from that view.



Gorgeous!!! Your slipcovers are brilliant.


wow, you are just cranking out the chair covers--no more plain jane office chairs for you! they look wonderful.

Glenn Bliss


Very pretty! Any chance there will be pattern in our futures?


Great job, and inspiration of course!

paula luckhurst

It's lovely.


this is inspiring...it turned out great!


you are a genius! that is the cutest desk chair on the planet!


I love your new header. Cherry blossoms are my favorite. I love the chair too. You do beautiful work. I've been a lurker for a while now. It took the cherry blossoms to bring me out of hiding!


I love the chair cover. My sewing chair is a hideous orange thrift shop job but it's totally comfortable. Why didn't I think of covering it???? Thanks for the inspiration.


The chair looks great! What a pretty cover. I think a bow would be pretty too. Then again I love the part in Disney's Fantasia where the hippos wear tutus and dance so I would like the bow on the chair.


What a lovely cover for your chair, you did a wonderful sewing job. You made me laugh with your comment about the "hippo". Love the fabric.

Blue Castle

That looks so lovely! You're inspiring me to tackle my chairs now. Yours have turned out so nicely.


I am so grateful for the ideas about the desk chair makeover. Your project is beautiful.


Your chairs are so cute. Inspiring.


I recently came across your blog and am so inspired by that darling chair cover!! My sad little desk chair needs some pretty clothes... going up to sew one right now!! Thanks for the CUTE idea :)


What a pretty, happy chair...There's hope for my old klunker of an office chair--thanks for the inspiration! Happy spring days to you & yours((HUGS))


ohhhh I love it! The fabric is so pretty and feminine. You did a great job making the cover. Love it.


Oh I was looking at my chair today and wondering if I could make a cover...how excellent to see this post!


SEW cute! I've been toying with the idea of making a slip cover for my sewing chair and now you've given me the courage to do it! Thanks!!!

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