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How very pretty they look! I have thought about monogramming some pillow cases but that is as far as I have gotten with that.


That is an excellent color mistake, I love the two together :o) I've always liked monogrammed linens, but satin stitch intimidates me. How many strands of floss did you use?


oooohhhh did you know they're working on a remake of this movie? it's currently on hiatus because reese witherspoon backed out of the lead role. altho i generally favor the classic versions i do like to see how they update/remake them and see how well they "peg" it. :)

bs honey

These are just beautiful. I love embroidery. It is one of the crafts that you can do and watch a tv program and/or visit.
Love your work and your patterns.


I want to do some pillowcases too. Is it safe to wash red floss on white pillowcases ? Your cases look great ! Thanks for sharing.


Thought I'd stop by and do a little catch up on Turkeyfeathers. And as always, lovely to behold! You are just too darn crafty. So lovely. Marcia :-)

Terri Pollhein

So elegant!

paula luckhurst

This is so nice and elegant.


So inspiring!

Karen Bordner

I watched that movie the other night. Kier's face was really freaky when he got ahold of that doll. Old movies and handwork just go together. I have a harder time with watching new movies and doing handwork - why is that?


stitches not perfect? they are beautiful, you silly lady--geez.
i think the color mistake is just about perfect.


Beautiful! I love the color - what a happy accident. I've recently re-discovered the pleasures of hand embroidery and have been loving your blog. I'm going to buy some transfers very soon! Keep showing us what you're doing!


What an excellent wedding/anniversary gift! Thanks for the inspiration.


Beautiful. beautiful! Do you hand embroider or by machine?


Lovely monograms! I am working on some similiar things too. :)


Such beautiful work! I love that place too--some really great bargains. Maybe I'll bump into you sometime!
Enjoying the snow????

Cherry Menlove

You are so right, it IS all about the details. And mistakes? Well I love them!

Cherry xoxoxox


Really beautiful.


Beautiful work, it makes me want to embroider again.

Pauls Machine Embroidery Designs

My God they are beautiful!!


Your satin stitches are amazing. Mine are terrible unless it's really thin.

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