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Cece Marie

He's beautiful!


How neat. You have a wonderful time with your family, and a wonderful holiday too.

Tina Poulsen

WOW awesome!!! How sweet she is :):)

Stacy A

What a wonderful sight. I love watching animals in their natural habitat. I can't believe he just sat down like that. My husbands family has a cabin on an island in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. We see deer quite a bit but one weekend last year, husband I and were the only ones our our side of the island. We were inside getting dinner ready and suddenly he started freaking out, motioning me too him. Right in our camp, about 10 ft from the door was a cow moose. It was amazing. We tried to get a picture but it was twilight and didn't want to scare it. I followed it across several camps...trying to be all quiet. When we posted about it someone said they had seen her swimming across from the mainland the week before. Those large game are so majestic.
Sorry for the long story, I just felt inspired lol. Happy Easter! Love Stacy

Elizabeth Mackey

I wish that some of the dear that are around us would pop out. When I first moved here we saw them all the time, this year nothing. Maybe they will start coming our way soon. I love the little bonnet and blanket in you last post by the way.

Miss Paula



Gosh, beautiful pics! A wonderful Easter to you and yours:-) No ducks this year??? LOL!


Have a wonderful Easter!


Beautiful, simply beautiful! Happy Spring!


I found Your website by mistake.
But.........It was one of my best
I really like things You show and do. I am architect, living in Poland with my sweet 7-year old daughter and huspand, but my interests are similar to Yours.
Best wishes

paula luckhurst

I imagine how good it is to look out of the window and see a bambi.
Here, where I live, is quite urban but with the other side of the road facing our little mountain(long but not high). One thing is certain: I will never see a bambi in the woods. A rabbit yes, if I'm lucky.


Oooh...how cute!

Terri Pollhein

How wonderful! Great pictures too!
Happy Easter!
God bless.


So dear... he looks like a big bunny when he's sitting in the vinca.


What a wonderful sight to see! I wish you and your family a very joyous Easter.


Oh my goodness! He's so adorable, and delicate looking. Happy easter to you!




SO beautiful :)

We are trying to have a simple Easter this year too. WE had a bigger celebration today with family in hopes that we could have a simpler Easter Sunday. Small, intimate, and sweet. :)


What a nice surprise.
Easter greetings.

calamity kim

what a lovely, sweet face! I love that you can take pictures without him getting frightened. I think they are just so beautiful. I came by to wish you and yours a Happy Easter! We are celebrating extra because I just got some advance copies of The Studios Issue for Cloth Paper Scissors with my article on Art Aprons! I made spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread and then French Cheesecake for dessert! So fat and happy! yeehaw! I pulled out the embroidery transfers I got from you earlier- I am thinking about doing a fairy with Chinese Coins- The Doll Quilt Challenge at Flickr for March/April is Chinese Coins. I haven't done one of those yet. I am almost finished with a shawl I am making and then I am doing a few aprons and then the doll quilt! I think I need some helpers! I wish I could start a cottage group! Anyway- Thanks for the chat! Happy Spring! xxxooo kim


What a very dear picture,and such a sweet one as well. I just love the little bonnets you make and your sweet Thumbelina is just adorable. I am a softy for dolls! Wishing you and yours a most blessed Easter.



Happy Easter to you and your family, Vicki! xoC


Happy Easter. Hope you have a lovely time. Love the photo's. They are wonderful.


What darling photos.


ici aussi, on adore cet animal !



My goodness it's green outside your window!! Looks wonderful. We're still covered with snow. Sigh...

Happy Easter to you,


That is the cutest thing! I am so jealous you live amongst wildlife!


Oh - what lovely photos - it's like seeing Bambi and Thumper! I'm glad he made it through the winter okay.

Hope you all had a happy Easter, Vicki~xo

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries

He is so sweet and what a treat for you to be able to watch him! Blessings, Kathleen


I love your pictures of the deer. they are beautiful animals! You have a knack for taking beautiful nature photographs. Have you ever read the children's books by Carl Sams and Jean Stoick? Lost in the Woods features a fawn. It has beautiful photos.


How sweet! Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers, wildlife and the pillowcases that you embroidered.

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