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I look forward to the days when the birds occupy our birdhouse again. I have the perfect view from my kitchen window.


My Husband just bought an Eastern Bluebird house. We have seen them at our bird feeder for the last two years...we bought some worms and a feeder to serve them in for them last year.
I look forward to a report on your new residents.


We have some blue jays that have taken up nest in our back yard. They are darling but not quite as special as blue birds. So cute.

Terri Pollhein

This is a good reminder to me to get a bird house or two for my yard. I keep moaning that spring is never coming, but it will be here soon enough and I love watching the birds...
God bless.


Looks like spring IS coming to your house! We are still at least knee-deep in snow...The squirrels have destroyed our bird watching, you have reminded me how much I miss it!


Somehow, it helps to read that I am not alone... dazed and confused, stunned after the time change! Looking to the birds is a very nice way to recover from our unnatural habit of messing around with time... thank you for this.


I love blue birds. My Mom has a pair that nest in her bluebird box. No luck for me. Too many trees. Not enough open land. Good luck with your venture.



What a lovely post. I love bluebirds and was lucky to be part of a bluebird house building project when I lived in Virginia. I belonged to the Virginia Society of Ornithologists at the time and we built and installed the houses along the bluebird trail. It was so life-affirming.

Miss Paula

You mean I wasn't the only one who was dozing off all the time last week?? I thing the older I get the harder the time change is. Then on top of that jet lag. Last week was a blur...

The Brazilian Red Cap Cardinal's we saw in Kauai were beautiful!! This is a bird I had never seen. Last year in PA I saw my first all red cardinal!!


I love the kitty watching the birds...delightful! I don't have any birdhouses, but I do feed my little ones. I've been seeing them pick up pieces of dried grass in the yard. It's a delight to watch.

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