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The strawberry sachets are adorable. Grace did a lovely job with them.


Cloth strawberries are nearly as sweet as real ones! So cheery.

And I love this book. I got it for Christmas, and it is pure eye-candy! I just can't decide where to begin. :)


Those are so cute. I am going to have to look into that book, it looks like something I would like.

Lisa W.

I have been looking at your blog and I just love it. Your projects and doll house bakery is beautiful. I am trying to put a little doll house together to have in my sewing room. I bought a little toddler doll and dolly of which should come in the mail anytime now. I am going to post it on my blog when it comes. I would love some of your bakery goods. Will check your etsy shop later to see if you have any for sale. I have also been trying to find a dollhouse swap. Club little house looks like a great swap but the person that hosts it is not doing it right now. :-( Do you know of any swaps? Again your blog is beautiful. I will put you on my blog roll. :-)

Cece Marie

So sweet! It is so refreshing that a girl as young as Grace is into crafts. I'm sure that is a reflection of her good upbringing!

paula luckhurst

Such pretty strawberries.
And thanks for the link.


Those are really sweet!


I just got my copy of that book in the mail yesterday. There is another mby the same author called Crafting Springtime gifts that is outstanding!

Love the strawberries!



That girl of yours sure is talented! Love those starberries.

Elizabeth Mackey

I bought that book also and have been meaning to make some of the projects, I still have my table runner to finish though :( Was it you that knows Manda from Tree Fall bog? If so, I would love to send her a baby card if you have her address. If not,sorry. I could swear that you were part of her baby shower from a distance.


I hear you about the nap. I feel about 60. Keep craftin' and nappin'.


I just Love Grace's strawberries. My husband bought me that book and a few others about a month ago and my Annabelle, (my 10 year old) made those and the pears. I think Grace and her would get on great. Always crafting!


I just ordered the book, very excited! I hear yuou about being an older mom. I have grown children, grandchildren and a 9 year old still at home. Think I'll take a nap!


have you guys ever thought of making your own ice rink in the yard? I tried making one about 2 weeks ago, and it came out pretty well (it was teeny however). Here is a link with info...http://www.icedreams.ca/english/howto/index.aro

Michele C

I love that book. I actually have it sitting right here in front of me, because a new blog friend in Holland and I are going to do a project out of it together. She picked the bottle warmer of all things! I live in South Carolina! Oh, well, it's really cute anyway, and I can take it with me if I ever go to Europe in winter and need to keep my toes warm!

I really enjoy your blog. I love to hand embroider and hope to order some of your patterns soon. It's the choosing that is hard. I get kind of car sick scrolling through the pictures! You do a great job picking out and reproducing the patterns.
-- Michele


Those sachets are adorable! Are they scented? Packed with oak moss with a few drops of strawberry oil would be nice, or perhaps stuffed with something like lavender or chamomile to give them a little scent.


It's always nice to meet a fellow homeschooling crafter. :) I look forward to popping in from time to time.


Your strawberrys looks very sweet...I love Tone Finnangers books too...
Many love greetings,Patricia


oh, those strawberries are so cute... I wonder if my daughter could try something like that...

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