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Your little fairy is darling. Is that hand or machine embroidered. It looks so perfect!

Me: Thank you Joni, it's all embroidered by my own two hands!


Love the little Dancing Faerie.
When I was a little girl I used to embroider...I was taught by my Mother and then as I got older we learned embroidering, knitting and crocheting in school...your site brings back so many memories.

paula luckhurst

Dessert party...
Sounds so good.


Would you kindly direct your fairies my way, when they are through assisting you? Actually, the lovely thoughts and images of Turkey Feathers act like fairy dust on my spirit... lifting me up and inspiring bright thoughts, so thank you.


Your fairy is sooo pretty.

I've always loved embroidery and everytime I come to this site, I am bowled over by your talent (and generosity). I really want to learn. Stupid question - what's the difference between redwork and regular embroidery, other than ofcourse the color of the thread? For example, what makes a redwork pattern a redwork pattern - couldn't you use a redwork pattern for regular embroidery and visa versa?


You do not ever cease to amaze me. Your little fairies are beautiful. I directed my sister-in-law your way. She loves redwork.


I could use a whole platoon of fairies right now! LOL!


I had recently bought a book of fairy images- this makes me want to dig it out and get going!


i love love love this fairy. truly love it.

Cathy Scalise

She is absolutely PERFECT!


Oh she is just adorable...you know I have a real fondness for drawing fairies...I may have to try embroidering some of my own...thanks for the great idea! Spring is coming! The snow is melting! I can tell because I am suddenly seeing more dog poop! LOL!

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