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Ohh, I have to share my love of Junior Senoir, from Denmark. I'm listening to them today at work, and doing a rolley-chair dance. They are so much fun!
Here's their myspace page www.myspace.com/juniorsenior (uh, I think. I can't check it's accuracy from work)


Cheek to Cheek. Definitely. And all versions. It was my wedding song, so you know, sentimental value and all.

I'd LOVE to win. Love those bonnets too!


My favorite get up and dance song is "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. It's even my ringtone!


We love The Happy Song by Delirious. We all dance crazy around the house when we play it.


Best dance song-You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive

I so want to give one of these bonnets a go. They look so so sweet!

Maria in Iowa

Not entering your nice drawing - I'm too new to your blog to presume - but that IS a great dance song. I personally can't sit still when I hear belly dance music.


Fun and diversion! Favorite dance song... "32 Feet and 8 Little Tails." Dale Evans. Christmas is long over and I still can't get that tune out of my head! Your generous drawing has sparked amusement here, which is very nice... thank you.

Amy Hanks

It's embarrassing to admit, but the favorite dance song around our house right now is All For One from High School Musical 2. My 3 year old and 19 month old, both can't help but dance when it comes on, and of course, I have to get up an join them! Maybe someday we'll move onto more sophisticated fare, but for now, it's children's music for us.

I've loved looking at your bonnets. They are so adorable! Thanks for the beautiful blog!


all right lady, I've exposed one of my current favorite dance tunes. Much to Emma's dismay, I have many many more!

And I wanted to add that I am impressed that your mom actually had a technique and dance style to her public display of dancing!!! I can't say my style is anywhere close to refined like the fox trot, but maybe I should try it with Emma, less embarrassing maybe??

Hope you are well my dear!



Vengaboys - Shalala lala, this song was released when my kids were preschoolers and it still gets them off the couch! Me... just about anything from the 80s ;-)


There's a song on my son's cd of toddler tunes called something like "Silly Time." The kids all dance to it and we can't help but join them. Then my husband and I have the goofy tune running round our heads all day ("because it's silly, silly, silly...silly, silly time! I'm feeling all wiggly, giggly, and fine!"). You've got to do lots of wiggling and shaking with this one!

And our most enthusiastic dancer, age 2 1/2, would be over-the-moon with such a beautiful quilt for her stuffed animals!! :)


Beatles here! My two toddlers love their early stuff, and I pretty much love it all--great dancing music!


I love Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order, it always gets me going!
Love those bonnets, they are inspiring....


These days, my favorite dance song is "Hot Dog" from the Mickey Mouse Club House.

It's fun being a grandma.

Sharon M.

I don't have a favorite dance song, but that adorable quilt reminds me of the ones my grandma used to make from all her fabric scraps--I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Have a lovely weekend! :)

~ bridgette ~

Hhmm... my favorite dancing song... well there is one that I would love to dance to but I don't know ballroom dancing so I just bop around in my chair instead and would be "Sway" by Michael Buble. The other song that compells me to do a little jig is "Big Girl You Are Beautiful" from Mika. As a big girl, I love the reminder that I'm beautiful! :)


My Favorite dance song HAS to be Hunka Burnin' Love by Elvis. I dare you NOT to get up and move with that playing very loud in the background.


The little doll and quilt are so adorable. I guess my toes would move to "Celebrate".


I really love your style! I remember watching my grandmother make our dolls clothes when I was young. Very beautiful work!


Well, how about "You Should Be Dancing" by The Bee Gees?


Hope you're not sore and bruised! Sounds like one of my mornings.... but thank you for the lovely sunrise!


Thinking back to college...we used to go to a 60's bar in Dearborn, Michigan where we'd dance to "Twist and Shout". Um hmmm those were the days...


I should be dancing away the pounds with Richard Simmons. I love dancing to contemporary Christian music... I fly!

The bonnet is darling. It looks so soft and warm.


Those little bonnets make me want to go out and get me a baby doll. I guess we all still have a little five-year-old inside ourselves, don't we? So, so darling!


mommy's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird... "Surrender" by Cheap Trick - I just get my three-three-old to sing that line and the world seems all right.

Meg Evans

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I'm so impressed and inspired by all your creations--check out my latest, inspired by you! (I hope the link works--I'm technologically challenged sometimes)


I love to dance to anything slow moving - guess that is how I move. I love you baby bonnets.


My babies and I often rock out to the Oak Ridge Boys singing Bobby Sue or Elvira. Love those boys!

Would love it if you put those mini quilts in your shop. I am sprucing up babies area and they would look perfect. :)


For me I either dance to ABBA's Dancing Queen or Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus.....luckily my girls are young enough to never be embarrassed, and just LOVE to join in with their crazy mom.


Right now it's, Dream Machine...



It's always been anything from James Brown - Oh! I feel good! ... Like I knew that I wou-ould! I really wanted it to be the recessional at our wedding, but I was out voted... It always makes me get up and dance!


Love the baby bonnets. And Miss T. My sis has one too and she is a treasure!


oh my favorite dance song? I have a ton, but there's one - while not my favorite - for some reason it comes on all the time when i'm at the gym, and I have to FOCUS on NOT moving along with the song :o :) I don't even really LIKE it, but I seem to want to dance to it anyway :)

Emily S

I will soooooo dance to everything - I'm terrible at it and it embarrsses my husband to no end. Especially when I start going to town in the middle of the grocery store in tune to the intercom music. The song that particularly gets me going - Hey ya! by Outkast.


80's dance music! it's the best!


Oh, what a sweet doll quilt!

As far as dancing songs, I think my favorite is the Safety Dance. And, more recently, Hey Ya, by Outkast, as well as their version of The Way You Move.

Periwinkle Vintage

Favorite dance tune? It's an oldie but a goodie! "Workin' For a Livin'" by Huey Lewis and the News. Back in the 80's I couldn't keep off the dance floor when that song was played!


My favorite dance song is anything my 4 yr old is singing!She is always dancing around and singing and it gets contageous.


Okay, I am dating myself here but whenever I hear KC & The Sunshine Band on the radio sing "Shake Your Bootie" I still want to put on a little silk, tease my hair to the ceiling and dance! and I don't dance well....LOL!


Wow, I have lots. One of my favorites is Colored People by DC Talk (a christian rap band that started in the late 80s). There's a fun song from the aniamated movie, Madagascar...Move It, I believe is the title. My kids & I all love to dance around the house together. The 9 yr. old boy to the 1 yr. old girl. We always put dance music on to clean house to!


The doll quilt is precious! one of my favorite dance songs would probably be HEY YA by Outkast! silly, but fun to dance to!!


What else but ABBA's Dancing Queen? That can fill a dance floor, or my living room, like no other song. Such good memories.

Shelley Baker

Love your little doll quilt! Please, count me in.
I think I am in the mood for a slow dance.


Linda Joan

In The Mood by Glenn Miller


"Pretty Woman" to start...with my hair up like I'm...nevermind... Count me in! I'd love to give your pretty to my baby granddaughter!

Everyday Cookies blog


I haven't properly thanked you for the last free thing I won--redwork patterns, which I found in some old mail at work. I thought you had forgotten to send them to me. But thanks!

For this contest: believe it or not some heavy metal song like "Pour some sugar on me!"


those frosty clear mornings (we have so rarely) are such a treat. It's been feeling like spring around our place...minus the chill of course.


omg...it's so funny...I am seeing ALOT of 80's songs...and I'm lovin it! I am not a dancer..but the first song that popped in my head was "Lucky Star" by Madonna...I remember trying to immitate her moves from the video. Yes..I was a dork!
btw...everything is soooo cute!!! Love you blog!


My whole house gets dancing to (I know this sounds crazy) "Pon the Replay" by Rihanna. It came on a mix promotion CD and was a top hit last summer in the clubs. Ok, with a 5 and a 2 year old we don't hit the clubs and the kids pay no attention to the lyrics but Mommy, Daddy, DS and DD get their grooves on to this on.

I just adore your work. Can't wait till I get back home to the states and have my sewing machine back.


I have a hard time sitting still when one of Stevie Ray Vaughn's rockin' songs is playing....also Sandstorm by Darude is pretty awesome too - if you like Techno :)
Anyhoo, please enter me in your drawing...your little bonnies are adorable, I keep thinking they'd look "uber" cute with pompoms attached to the back corner seams
Enjoy your day!

Barbara Clark

...I always think of everyone dancing out on the floor at weddings to "YMCA"


"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper is the song my girls and I have danced to since they were little. In the house, the yard, at the side of the road when the song came on the car radio, wherever. The best was dancing at my oldest daughters wedding reception last year to this song!

Jo Marcellino

I can't stop my feet from moving to Wham's Jitterbug.


Those bonnets are so sweet! I had that same baby T doll, and she does such a great job modeling them for your projects.


My favorite dance song is a Cajun tune called On A Night Like This! My daughter loves to make me laugh when she starts to boogie!


The song Footloose is the one that every time I hear it I want to get up and dance. It's an old one and I also love watching the movie. I love the bonnets you have been making, they are so cute! I would love to win one of your little quilts. Thanks for the give away. Terry


Oh, the things people admit just to win a prize! Although I love most types of music, I've always been a reluctant dancer. The only thing guaranteed to get me on the dance floor is a rollicking polka. "Beer Barrel Polka" is a blast!


What sweet bonnets!

I hate to admit it but when ever I want to get up and get moving, I like "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" by Wham! My mom and I always called that our Happy Feet song because, well, it make our feet happy!

I put that on now and dance my way through the daily chores (much to the embarrassment of my boys!)

miss paula

Check my blog for an Award!!


Well, today I enjoyed slow dancing with my baby to Night Mantra by Rene and Jeremy - I've always loved slow, sleepy dancing with my wee babes (all 5 of them!) My 9yo daughter is a huge fan of your work, (not to mention her mother), and we'd both be tickled pink to own the little quilt. She'd relish receiving a girlish package in the mail, since she's the only girl with 4 brothers!


Very cute little bonnet.I realy like KT Tunstall I play her when ever Iam down..


I don't know why but "No Rain" by Blind Melon has always left me with a goofy grin and some weird dance moves. I guess it's the image in my mind of the tap dancing bumblebee girl in their video that does it. I love seeing all of you projects, I wish I had the discipline to finish any of my projects.

Carolyne Carrick

"Singin' In The Rain" has gotta have it......an Oregon girls song to dance to! (That's web-footed!)


I love lots of the old WHAM! songs, Bee Gee's and ABBA...starting to show my age! hehe


Anything with a disco beat!!! OMG am I dating myseld,lol. I LOVE the latest bonnet, it is so pretty.


Loving those cute bonnets and the model is really sweet too.
It's very late here and I'm catching up on blogs so I can't actually think of my fave dance song, although I did have a great time dancing to 'Lenny Kravitz - going my way' the other day.
When my daughter was little we used to get dressed up, put glitter on our faces and dance to Abba, she loved it (and so did I).


Those are so cute (both bonnets and quilts). A song that always got me moving (and willing to do sit-ups) was Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." There's something about the beat in it.


Favorite dance song? What I Like About You by The Romantics---impossible for me to stay still when I hear it, which can be very embarrassing if I'm in public. Your blog is fabulous-thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your wonderful creations.


Anything from the mid 80's is dance worthy in my house! But I guess I am showing my age! Found out it's a boy by the way!! Still looking for patterns for old fashioned "sleep sacks"!!!!
Kelly from Mississippi


Hmmm...the current favorite "dance music" around here is any song from High School Musical 2 or Veggie Tales, LOL! I guess that gives away the age groups of my younger kids. Our 19 month old is the most opinionated about what makes for good dance music around here, so Veggie Tales it is...over and over again, along with the "Hotdog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh, but you probably weren't talking about dancing like Goofy or Mickey or animated vegetables, were you?! :o)

Love the doll quilt and ALL of your work! Love coming here to your blog for inspiration. Thank you for all of it!



OK, it's a 2-way tie - and this is definitely going to show my age (but really, if I hadn't had an older sister, I was young enough at the time they were released that they might not have otherwise made such an impression on me...) - but to this day, I cannot sit or stand still if either "Tequila" or "Louie Louie" comes on over the Muzak, or the oldies radio, or even on a commercial...the kids laugh - now. Not so much when they were tweenagers :)

You have been busy with all these bonnets - they're adorable!


Haha - since I'm a dance teacher there are so many songs that come to mind, but the first kind of funny one that popped into my head was Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous by RuPaul. It's definitely a booty shakin' number!


Oh, I've admired your mini quilts - sure hope I win it! The bonnets are so darling - you keep topping yourself.
Let's see...a fave song that can get me up on my feet would be "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins/Phillip Bailey...check out Phil's dancing! :D


My favorite dance song, Twist and Shout! Just can't beat it in my house.


Technically ANYTHING by my favorite band, Pink Martini, is "danceworthy" in some way, but lately my two=year-old son, Henry, and I have been rocking out to "Kung Fu Fighting", haha.


You do beautiful work. I have enjoyed clicking through your site, found you through Paula @ onarainynight!!


My son and I love to dance to Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend song. He's only 2 but he does have a nasty groove, LOL.


My whole family loves "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge. We frequently have impromptu "Family Dance Parties" when we all get together - and with my parents,nine siblings, spouses and children, we fill up a room! Stevie Wonder is a big hit, too.

julie meadows

Would love a chance to win your little quilt!


Ok, put me down for Blue. But really, I've got a whole lot of favorites :)


"Tempted" by Squeeze. Count me in!


I'm quite the awkward dancer, so I only slow-dance with my honey. James Taylor is the fave for us...

The bonnets are so, so cute!


showing my age here.... Jesus is Just Alright by the Doobie Brothers... I can remember doing the "bump" during prom~smile~ close second...um... Color My World By Chicago


Gorgeous bonnet! I'd love to be in the drawing . . . let's see . . . I have been known to cut a rug all by my lonesome often (and I get caught a lot) and I have to say that my favorite to dance to . . . "Oh What a Night!" by the Four Seasons. It reminds me of dancing with my girlfriends!


I just dicovered your blog. I must say I LOVE it. Full of inspiration. Now, a dance song....Hmmm, I used to love to dance to Oh What a Night. I dont know who peforms it, but it remeinds me of early highschool

[email protected]


Harry Belafonte rocks our world!


I just love your blog and the things you make and talk about. Fantastic.
Dancing song, hmm one song I really love to dance around to is
Its raining men. It sure gets me moving. LOL


Savage garden...I love there music. Also love you blog!


Love Shack and anything by Mary Chapin Carpenter! Oh and "My Male Curiosity" by Kid Creole and the Coconuts-hilarious!


I hope I am not too late I have to say the songs we love best are House Party, & Catch that train by Dan Zanes or really anything by him. Oh, and zero by they might be giants! Thats another one too. I guess there is a little kid in all of us. I love the little doll quilts I wish I had the time to make some.


okay so I feel like a big dork this was a month ago. Anyway you should still go and check out those songs:)

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