Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Hi V, I visited your website last night and love the lay out. It is a great change but I will always love your old one too. I also saw your new bonnet on flickr first. I must say, as always, gasp, takes my breath away. It's just beautiful. Thanks for the visual poetry. Marcia :-)


It looks amaziiiiiiiing!
such a keepsake.

lily boot

A new posting on your website is always something to look forward to, and I've especially enjoyed all the beautiful items you can make from a blanket! But this bonnet is exquisite - each chosen element works perfectly with the other. The embroidery is lovely, lovely, lovely. What a lucky little baby! I only wish I could wear such a bonnet :) Warm regards, Lily

Maria in Iowa

The bonnet is adorable but the doll is even more adorable! Your blog was a suggested blog in my Google; not sure if it was the crafting or the dolls, but I love both. :o)


Repeating what I wrote at flickr:
I am in LOVE with this!!!!

Just tooooo adorable for words..
That's an extra.


That's so cute I'm about to die over here. I think i have that doll too. Of course she's naked and in a pile of my son's stuffed animals. I believe I'm no inspired to redress her1

Jo Marcellino

I love your blog but I especially love the bonnet!


Darn you for introducing scrabulous to me!! I waste too much time as it is.

I love the japanese fabric and love the embroidery in the bonnet. Its just lovely. All of it. Great job.


Love it! What an amazing keepsake. Your work is amazing. You're so talented!


Yes, She is adoriable! Lovely embroidery design!

I am finnishing my latest Embroideries, it is quite time-consuming , but hey, the result is very nice so it is all worth it. I am glad that I have made the step to try this tiny creative work, because it makes ALL the difference!

Enjoy a happy creative weekend :))


I think the website looks great! You have a lot of stuff on there and it all seems to link up quite nicely. So creative :-) As for Scrabulous, you know I had to give it up (along with Facebook) for awhile. But I'll be back in a few more weeks, can't wait to play you!


I've been a lurker fora a few months now, and I just have to say I get SO excited when you post something new. This bonnet for your baby girl to come is absolutly BEAUTIFUL. You sew the loveliest things!


I just found your blog and I love it!


That bonnet is too cute! Lecien has some very nice fabric, I picked up some pretties at a quilt shop not long ago, expensive 'tho.


very sweet bonnet!


Wow that bonnet is adorable. I bet it will look fabulous on Grandbaby #2. So much fun.

Look - It's an Etsy: www.glitterme.etsy.com


another adorable bonnet!


Busy as usaul I see. I have been embroidering like a crazed person. What causes that?
I got a little mini quilt at the thrift the other day, put a picture of it on my site. ONE DOLLAR, CAN YOU BELIVE IT? What are people thinking anyway?
The doll looks so cute in her little bonnet. You are a clever one.

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