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april m

How adorable!


I've heard of jellyrolls but I've not ever used them. Then again, I've heard of charm squares/packs and I've not used those either. Really, I must get out more! Anyway, your bag looks great and I'm looking forward to all your upcoming happenings.


This bag is the sweetest thing! I'm just learning hand embroidery and have fallen in love with it . What a great use of the woody alphabet!


Another wonderful bag.
Love the woody alphabet!


Came out super!


That is darling. I need a bag like this to cart my stuff back and forth to work.

Hope it's not too long before you find a special treat inside.


As always, I love your stuff! I'm always coming back for more.


You are such an inspiration to me! I got a sewing machine for Christmas & to say I am new at this sewing thing is an understatement!! But, I have so far made some felt finger puppets for the kids, a t-shirt pillow for my daughter & oh yes a Barbie sleeping bag!! I would love to try a tote such as this. Could a newbie handle it you think?



I love it! You've reminded me that I have two WIP's somewhere in my sewing room for Valentine's Day. Looks like I have some projects for the week.


This is so cute! How do you make your totes???? Patterns, in your noggin, or just plain old creativity and figuring it out at the machine? The alphabet is very cute!


what a pretty bag!!! I love your blog- so full of great things and inspiration!


I love the bag. Very pretty!


Very pretty, very tempting, very inspiring... I will be back!


That bag is so very clever! I love your new alphabet, it's gorgeous! I'll be at your shop tomorrow :)


I love this bag! I wish my sewing machine was in working order because I would love to start making things like this. I just started embroidery and *LOVE* the patterns you have available. I'm getting ready to place a second order already :-)

debra cooper

I love it! I've seen the strips but it never occurred to me they'd be useful outside a quilt--duh! I love the stripey patterned look!


You never stop amazing me with your talents! I love the bag and the redwork is devine.


The redwork piece turned out beautifully. Love the bag and the woody alphabet. Inspired by all you crafty people who make marvellous things, I dragged my sewing machine out from the under stairs cupboard. I hope to be humming along quite soon.


Great bag...I have never heard of Jelly Rolls before...they seem like a good idea.
I love your xox stitching on the bag.


How neat -- wonderful work, as always. I'm (sheepishly) especially interested in your label inside the bag, since I'm looking for something similar for a friend's birthday. Did you make the label? Buy it? Would you mind sharing how or where, depending?

Mary Beth

I love redwork and what an excellent way to use it. It all goes together so nicely. Well done.


All right all ready. You're just too much. I love your work and can't help coming back for more. You've inspired me to start my own blog and now I have to really start (finish!!) a project. Thanks for your inspiration.


That bag is just adorable! I haven't trid the jelly rolls yet but I really want to :0). I'm really liking the alphabet as well, fun!


Every time I drop by you have something new and inspiring to make me gasp in delight! The bag is lovely.

love the homegrown alphabet! I'm working on one now with roots and tendrils---Sew Bohemian


Absolutely marvelous! Love the bag. Can't wait to stitch one up. Do you think a newbie could sew one?

Cece Marie

I just love your new woody alphabet! Really inspiring! As are your delightful new bags!

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