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Okay - so I've been reading your blog for ages but I've never left a comment...I know, I know! Believe me I feel horrible, especially since now that I have a blog I'm obsessed with comments. I need to shake off this bad comment karma so I'm coming out of hiding to say that I love the new alphabet {as well as your whole blog!} and want it desperately! No matter what you decide on Friday I will make it mine {I just hope there will be some left!} so feel free to give one of the freebies to someone who isn't an evil de-lurker but a loyal reader who really deserves it. My gosh, I finally leave a comment & its the longest one ever - sorry!


Oooo--love the alphabet! I am a novice embroider-er, and I love the projects you feature here--lovely stuff! And I am so looking forward to that tote tute!


Okay, it looks like I will have to get my sewing machine in working order so I can try making a tote. Now, off to place my order for this month :-)


I join the ranks of tote admirers - your work if wonderful - can't wait for the tutorial. The new alphabet is awesome - as is all of your work Vicki!

Mary Jo Jones

I totally admire your talent...love your blog...hope I win!

Mary Jo

Sharon M.

::Sigh:: I am sitting at work reading about you sitting at home, lap covered with a quilt, sipping your tea. Aargh! I love your woody alphabet, I love teapots, too (my kitchen has a teapot theme) and I love your new free with purchase pattern. I love your site (visit every day) and, oh my, how gushy, huh?
Have a lovely day and I would love to be entered in your give away! :)

Pattie in SF

Hello: My favorite is the fruit bowls. How cute they are! Well, may the magic bonnet spit my entry out as a winner this time around. Pattie in San Francisco


You are a huge inspiration to me. I am a doodlebug too.

Julie Lundquist

As always, I am in love with all your creations! The little cottage may just have to be my next project...thanks for all stitching generousity :)


I love the new alphabet. I have been working on red projects lately. I guess it is a winter/Valentne's thing. Like cardinals in the snow.


What a great new alphabet, nice work! And neat transfer designs, I especially like the little heart with the bee. Such cute things, so little time...


I have been reading your blog for over a year - Love it! Even made a couple of your free traceable patterns for Halloween. Am thinking the swans will be my next project! Just saw a flock of Tundra swans on my way to work the other day. What a great way to mark it!


Thank you so much for the tote tutorial! I look forward to it...no pressure though! The woody alphabet would look great in my recently redone bonus room as a pillow...maybe something log-cabinish? Thanks so much for a happy little corner of the world!


De-lurking to say I love the new woody alphabet, and have been stalking the blog waiting for it to go up for sale-- so much so that I had put it in my cart and paid for it without reading the whole post and seeing the giveaway! oops!

I think I'm going to use it for the names on some Christmas stockings I've been dreaming up...


ooo...I think I'd like to try my hand at this alphabet!


I love the alphabet and the creative way you incorporated it into the tote. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend to get back to my sewing.


Your alphabet is so charming, and just the thing to personalize some treasures for my infant grandson! Thank you for sharing your bag design, too. So inspired, wishing for more time...


Your so generous, count me in, Id love to have the chance to try it!


I'd love to win the woody alphabet and I can't wait for the tote tutorial


Your handwork always makes me drool. I don't know what it is about it except that is so darn cute and always makes me feel all warm inside (did I just say that?) Oh well, you know like a hot cuppa cocoa. Thanks for the ideas. Terry


I will be looking for the tutorial. Thank you for always inspiring me to keep stitching!


Well I'll soon be ready for a new stitchin' project as I'm almost through with my Summer lake scene (that you now carry). Thanks for showing us how to use alphabets in a creative way! Love the bag!


What fun designs. And hey, one of my goals for this year IS to do more embroidery!


Love the tote bag, and that cottage is adorable.


I love love love your wooden alphabet! I've been wanting to start embroidering to add details to my quilts...a free pattern would give me a kick-start!


As ever your new products are lovely. I love the little cottage picture you had in with your text - very cute. I also really love the fruit. x

Debbie White

I enjoy your blog and website sooooo much! You provide me with so much inspiration. I am trusting God that things are going to work out for me to get started on some of those things that you inspire me with. Please continue to use your talents, you are a blessing to so many!


I love the woody alphabet! Your blog is an inspiration to me and I'm amazed at your creativity. :)


Your projects and patterns are always so much fun! I've gone over and ordered a few--the bridge cloth project will be a perfect gift for my mother-in-law next Christmas.


I always get excited when I see new posts up, and HAVE to comment for my chance at this alphabet - perfect for us Oregonians! My daughter has been so inspired by your daughter's dollhouse creations. Many trips to the library for research, and much searching online, found us a 1/2 finished dollhouse for $25! It's built, but allows her to add her finishing touches. Thanks for sharing your artistic treats!


Inspiring as usual! You've given me lots of ideas, now if I could only find the time...

Miss Paula

Peep peep!! Chirp chirp!!

Here is my comment for the alphabet!! I like the cottage, thanks for the gift of allowing us to snag it!!

I just bought an Amish Kids collection by Martha?? Very cute!!


Great alphabet! Although, I think I will work on the swans tonight.


I loooove the kitten patterns. I'm a crazy cat lady, so that fits right in at my place. Also, are you ever going to put past free-with-purchase bonus transfers up on your site? There are some that I'd really love.


Id love a chance at the woody alphabet. I wish I had your talent.


wow these look great. You are so talented! I hope you are keeping warm down there..its darn nippy up here


All so delightful! Thank you for the free samples. Having no discretionary time at all, having committed to homeschooling, again, I am naturally printing your patterns and imagining all the lovely things I will embellish... lol. Maybe I should go *old school* and have them embroider samplers, with your alphabet too, for their lessons!

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