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rhonda jean from down to earth

I envy your snow, we are just coming to the end of summer here. Isn't it nice how we all remember our childhood toys and dolls. I love the bonnet, you've done a lovely job.


The snow looks delightful.


Oh no doubt about it----

we're all QUITE nutty!



And I thought it was cold in No Cal with all this rain! There's just something about our old dolls that make us all a little nutty. I even have my first Barbie, purchased in 1958 with my 6 months saved allowance of $3.00. Those were the days!


We will just have to call you Dr. Dolly from now on:-)))


Not only did I love Thumbelina but also Chatty Cathy. I wish I still had them . . .


The snow picture is beautiful and I won't offer a single word of complaint about our weather here in Tucson.

The bonnet is adorable and I love how you "re-loved" Thumbelina. I do remember her from my youth although I did not have one.

happy zombie

Loved the snow day we all had last week and love your pic. Too bad it had to all melt so fast.

I wish I had dolly memories - but I had Tonka's. I wish I could find the little pink and white striped Jeep I had. I'd find a way to make cute little outfits like your adorably donned Thimblelina has. Beep, beep!

paula luckhurst

I understand you so well why you went inside! Here we ( almost )never have snow so, when I go to England I'm always hoping for snow. But when we finely have it, all I can do is stay inside and looking through the window.


the snow was beautiful, but i'm glad it went away! lol!

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