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Chris and Laurie

The Quiche looks really good. I am going to have to try this my husband will love it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


flower cookie cutter? You are so clever!!


I did these little brunch quiches once with bread cut outs instead of pastry--they worked well and were yummy too.


Happy New Year, Vickie and all! The little quiches look good enough to eat. I cut out pastry flower shapes and bake them blind in a muffin tin, cool, then fill them with lemon curd when I'm having a tea party.

Love the twig alphabet!


Oh, yes... it appeals. Do you ship?;-)


Oh, Vickie! Just seeing the pictures for this post have made my day. The orange cookie cutter you used is part of a little set that my grandma had - in fact, she was quite a tidy minimalist and that is the ONLY cookie cutter I remember her owning or using. I was just overwhelmed with "warm fuzzies" seeing that picture. Thanks for brightening my day!


What a great idea! I have a baby shower to give soon and I am going to make and serve these! Thanks so much!


I was hungry before I read your post and now I'm starving! The brunch cup recipe on the link sounds so delicious. And they are soooo cute made up. I wonder if they'd freeze well??

Pie scraps with cinnamon sugar bring back fond memories of my childhood and my daughters' too!

Thanks for the yummy sharing,


What scrumptious looking quiche! I think the best part is you can do any of your quiche recipes mini size. Hmmm...the possibilities.

The snow and the cozy tree make me jealous. Broke a sweat in Texas getting the tree out yesterday!

If you ever get the chance when you are in Portland, try this:

absolutely the most exquisite chefs ever!


What is your recipe for pie crust? It looks so great! I am inspired, this is a great way to start a Monday.

Miz Booshay

Those are the cutest scalloped edges!!! Brilliant idea!!

Miss Paula

Where's my fork!! I am ready!!


Those mini quiche cups look just yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe (and what a great way to use up some of those dough scraps as well!)


I love the idea of using a cookie cutter - it gives it such a great edge. I love your A-Z of quiches!


I love love love your quiche recipes - and using the cookie cutter for the pasty is genius. This makes me want to invite people over for breakfast.

I love trying to guess what the next letter ingredient will be - I am stumped on what you are going to do for Z!


I just tagged you for the You Make My Day Blog Award. You can see the rules for carrying on with it at my blog if you want to tag someone else.
:-) Gina


We start and end with birthdays as well. My daughter was born November 19 and my son was born January 17. In that 2 month span we celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, my birthday and the new year. Whew! It is always restful to have almost a month before Valentine's Day. :)


What wonderfully, delicious little quiches. I know the whirl wind of birthdays before and after the holidays! I'm kinda glad that they are all behind me, and now can concentrate on what's ahead.


I love the quiche cups and am going to follow the link to discover more. Thank you!


Dear Vicki and All at "Turkey Feathers".

I came across your website by accident last year and have been absolutely captivated ever since. The items you all make are really beautiful and your website is so happy and positive that it always brightens my day and I look forward to your postings. I normally NEVER write comments and things but I just wanted to get in touch and say a Very Happy and Productive New Year to you and all other website followers and thank you for brightening my day!


Those little quiches look wonderful! What a great brunch or tea idea! Thanks!


Those mini quiche are terrific. And so is your twig alphabet! Lots of inspiration to start the week. Happy Days ((HUGS))


I printed the recipe out right away. Thank you for sharing! I am hosting a brunch in March and this will be perfect!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for inviting us to share in your day!



Love your alphabet and the quiches are darling--I'd love to make these for a brunch! You are so clever!



The flower petal crusts are so adorable!


Hi Vicki,
I'm back again today. It's Wednesday and I've be glued to your website since finding it on Monday. It makes coming to work SO MUCH FUN now!!!! As another poster said, I too am captivated by your website. I even went home last night and made a Breakfast Casserole (very similar to quiche) and homemade Cinnamon Buns (from your idea for the pastries) for dinner. My family THANKS you for my sudden interest and inspiration to get into the kitchen and cook.



Beats my Costco frozen finger quiches!! Thats all I could mustard up this year. You put me to shame. They look so perfect. Happy 2008 to you and everyone reading this. And to your lucky family having you in their life. M :-)

Colleen Gallagher

Those look absolutely mouth watering, and you did such a lovely job on the presentation :) Happy New Year to you and yours, Vickie!


Those crusts look amazing! How do you ease them into the muffin pan so smoothly? I feel that I always make my dough bunch and crease when I try to do that and then I end up with crust that's twice as thick in some areas!


I found your blog by accident, and I have to say WHAT A TALENTED LADY!!!...I will sure keep on coming back to see what you are up to!....I am inspired by your talent!....Karla =)


Those look very good. Your little brown sugar cookies remind me of the dough scraps that my great-grandma would brush with butter and cinnamon sugar.



Hi :-) I have an award for you at my place (http://mandco.typepad.com/)to say how much I appreciate you :-)

kari & kijsa

So many wonderful things! we are so inspired by the twig alphabet..and did you mention quiche?...mmmmmm!!!


kari & kijsa


Those are absolutely adorable quiches! I bet they taste even better than they look :)

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