Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Kisses to you girl! Heartwarming comment, made me incredible happy, thanks!
I adore your work,and can`t wait to follow your steps another year. Wave from Holland!

Aina x


The twiggy alphabet looks intriguing and beautifully done.

I haven't done any embroidery work in years but have bought all the supplies. I really would like to do some redwork that I've seen on blogs... need to design my own first. Have oodles of ideas just need to get my right hand back in working order. Meanwhile I'll just create in my head.

I adore your blog and need to comment more often. When I see large numbers of comment it usually make me think that the blogger will never read all of them. But I was wrong about you and I thank you for your comment on mine.

Wisconsin Hugs,


Happy New Year. Best wishes for 2008. Hope your cold goes away soon. The alphabet looks great, can't wait to see it finished.


I love the alphabet you are working on...we lived in up state New York and made many trips to the Adirondacks...we have a room in our house dedicated to twiggy furniture and accessories...makes me think that it would be fun to do something with your alphabet.


The twiggy alphabet is a great idea!

Miss Paula

Looking good so far!!!


I love the look of it so far! can't wait till you post the pattern to your shop!

happy new year


HAPPY New Year Friend! It's been awhile. As always, things are so cheery at your site. I've now set up shop in a little store, Room with a Past, in Walnut Creek and told everyone about your website and blog. My friend Jan visited your site and agrees, it's just the best! I hope you and yours have a healthy and most blessed 2008. Marcia :-)


The alphabet looks lovely!
Happy New Year!


Happy New Year. Love the alphabet. :)


Happy New Year! Happy stitching too. We rung in the New Year with Dick Clark also & then went outside & lit a firework that we've had around the house for about 10 years...I don't know who was more thrilled my dh or my ds :)

Mount Mercy Me

Your alphabet is adorable. Love your site. You're inspiring!

calamity kim

Happy New Year! To you and your lovely family! We tried to stay awake and only made it to 11:30! In our neighborhood all the fire works went off around 9!! I think your twiggy alphabet is delightfully perfect to go along with your fairies!


Looks like a beautiful alphabet. Will you sew it eventually?

paula luckhurst

Happy New Year.
I wish I could tell you that before but I just came back from my so long waited and wished trip to England.


I love the idea of a nature alphabet. Yours looks charming.


Happy New Year !!!


Happy New Year! Love your lettering. I think it is absolutely perfect! Just like everything you do.


happy new year and heres to another wonderful year of blogging x


Your twiggy letters are adorable. You come up with such fun projects! Happy New Year.


That alphabet looks great!

Happy New year!

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