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I LOVE the Bonnet, do you have details of the pattern? You say its simple but is it really? Maybe I should just give it a go, Im due my first Daughter in April/may and so excited (having had 2 lovely boys already). I just have not seen any nice baby hats! Im sure you could use the same pattern with a stiffish linen? what do you think? Any help would be great!


this is SOOO lovely!!!


Oh that bonnet is the cutest thing ever! How how how did you make it?


Your little bonnet is absolutely ADORABLE!! Such a sweet thing it is and how wonderful will that new baby look in it?! xxoo, Dawn


Awww, how cute. Love the bonnet. Congratulations on the coming grandbaby! :)


congratulations! i love the little bonnet, the boxy shape is great. look forward to the next needle felting!


The bonnet is so cute and so very appropriate for your new grandchild to arrive this spring! Aren't grandbabies the best? Can't wait to see more of your amazing ideas.

jen duncan

Oh my gosh. That bonnet just could not be more PERFECT! It just tugs on my heart strings. Your embroidery stitches are so small and good. I've been embroidering for something to do in front of the tv at night and my stitches look like big ol' football players next to yours. I wonder if I may need to find smaller needles. Different thread than 2 strings of DMC maybe? hmmm. Do you you already have stitching tips posted somewhere here on the blog?


Your gift for Manda couldn't have been more perfect.I'm sure she will thank you herself.Bella ,their very own Sugar Plum, wrapped herself in it straight away! thank you so much for taking part.xxx


Forgot to say that the bonnet is adorable.I just love that woolen blanket so much!


ADORABLE!! I wish I was that talented...how cute my 6-month-old would look with one of those hats on her head! And I love the blanket...sooo cute.


the bonnet is so beautiful. i could just stare at it!


Congratulations on a new grandbaby! What a wonderful treat.

The bonnet is so sweet. You are so creative and talented. Thanks for the great eye candy!

Miss Paula

A sweet wee bonnet that you made!!


Just adorable. I still have my Thumbelina doll too. She was my pride and joy, especially the christmas morning I got her. She still rolls her head around. How much more of that blanket do you have left? Can't wait to see whats next. :-)


so sweet!!
I love your work!!



Sewing and crafting for new babies is absolutely my favorite sort of creating!

I adore the things you've shown here. Beautiful work, as always.

little jenny wrenl

Such a pretty bonnet. I believe I had one like that when I was a bub but in a navy with velvet trim.

Michele C

The baby gifts are so beautiful! It makes me want to run right away from my work and start sewing for babies, too. -- Michele http://calicodaisy.blogspot.com/


This hat is probably THE cutest hat I have ever seen. Is this something you have a pattern for. If so can you share the brand and number?


Your bonnet is adorable! It looks so sweet on your adorable Thumbelina doll, fits her perfectly. She looks like a real baby. I just love it!


I have to say that's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!


Oh that is so sweet. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. Life can be so good.


Oh my - be still my bonnet! That's beautiful!


It is just precious! You sure did get a lot of usage from that blanket! And, that kitty is absolutely adorable! Oh my.


Congrats on being a grandmom again! I love the bonnet-want it's made out of and the model you used. I still have my Thumbelina doll-with the bad haircut myself. Love her!


Congratulations on the new grandbaby :)


Oh, so dear and lovely... must not imagine *what if?* for myself, but I could make a grand-baby hope chest and fill it over the next 10 or more years. You are such an inspiration.
Congratulations to all!


Cute bonnet and blanket! Now I'm thinking maybe I have a white wool blanket lurking in a drawer or closet somewhere??? I need to look into that.


Wow, I have to chime in too. I love the bonnet. What on earth did you line it with it looks like velveteen but is it something else altogether.


that's just wonderful news! congratulations! :)

I am absolutely LOVING the bonnet! :D

I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a recipe contest over on my blog - go check it out if you get a chance! :)


Congratulations :) Babies are the best...my little Grandson is 9 months old...there is nothing like being a Grandmother (I am called Amma, Icelandic for Grandmother)
I love the little bonnet and the blanket.

Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

That bonnet is just sweet, sweet, sweet! Susan


Well first, congrats on grammadom, that is wonderful!

The bonnet is sweet as sugar, love it! I have some vintage Vogart patterns and kits tucked about and they all make me smile.

Tres chic and very classic!


Beautiful! Honestly, I am not tired of the wool blanket, just inspired!


I found your website a few weeks ago and just love coming back to visit. You always have such beautiful things to show and interesting things to say!Keep up the beautiful work! blessings, Kathleen

Nan Slaughter

Your blanket projects are simply amazing - I am practically in shock at your creativity!! I love the blanket bonnet - and since I have my first grandchild coming in April I might have to make one. Thanks for sharing! I think we must live "close" to each other - you mentioned the Cascades in one of your posts...I live just outside of Seattle in Sammamish.

Miz Booshay

I totally adore this style!
And it is really just perfect the way you made it.

I knit a really cute red and white hat that was this style. I just love it!

Daisy Cottage

My very old and VERY LOVED Tumbelina must have one of those adorable bonnets!!!! But her poor mommy doesn't sew! sniff - sniff.
How can she get one? Oh she'd be so happy!!!! ;-)
P.S. Congratulations on being a grandmother again!!!!


Oh my gosh - Thumbelina! She was the doll I pined for when I was a little girls, but sadly, never found her under a Christmas tree nor as a birthday present...I am still suffering from being Thumbelina- deprived! The face on yours looks perfect...


Just adore the bonnet. This may sound dumb but, do you preshrink them so they will not shrink when they get wet?
Great blog


Congratulations! A new baby in the family is always so exciting. Love the bonnet~

Deena Warner

I love your dear bonnet..and I have that exact sweet dollie dear!!
fondly, Deena


What a sweet, darling little bonnet. What a blessed little grand-daughter you have. Congratualtions!


I'm late with a comment, as usual, but I have to say congratulations and send a little more bonnet love your way. Absolutely darling! I had a Thumbelina, sweet little doll, wish I still did have her!

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