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Oh! This brings back such happy memories of donut-making with my mom and sister when I was little! We did it a couple years in a row--autumn I think--along with making homemade apple sauce. :) I'll have to email the recipes link to my mom; maybe we can revive that mother/daughter tradition! :)

So nice to hear about moms doing such activities with their children--it makes for such great experiences and memories! :)

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday!


oh my gosh! That movie was the funniest thing ever! I am so impressed with their movie making skills. I mean...seriously. It was silly and all-but to do all that with a bunch of stuffed animals. And have sound effects and it put to music and stuff?! That was cool. You have raised a bunch of winners there! That was great!


I saved that same article and now love making donuts! They are such a great cool weather treat, and so much easier to make than I had ever imagined!


I cannot wait for the sweet shop update and start a little miniature collection for Lily (5)! She loves the bakery (of course;-). I would love to start a little shop for her before we move to France but I am not sure where to look for this kind of kit?


FUN!!! I found a doughnut extruder at Big Lots a while back, but I've yet to use it. This is most inspirational!


How yummy! I made doughnuts a few weeks ago and relished the whole joy of the process.

Just the other day I was showing some visiting family folks the amazing creations in my dollhouse that Miss Grace made--they were quite impressed!


I love homemade donuts--unfortunately, they love me back! Glad to see your all having some fun!


Have mercy!
I just bet the double chocolates are really Really good... twice the chocolate=twice the good! Thank you for including the link... I will think of it as an *In Case of Emergency* helpline, for when the donut cravings overtake my willpower... sooner than later, no doubt.


those look so yummy!


Oh you got my attention-these look so good and so much better than the DD place.


That makes me really hungry. Have you seen the new Williams-Sonoma catalog? They have a whole thing on mini-doughnuts. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/sku5086442/index.cfm?pkey=xsrd0m1%7C15%7C%7C%7C0%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7Cdonut&cm%5Fsrc=SCH


haha - the car chase was priceless


Your doughnuts look wonderful! And the YouTube production is priceless. The girls are very creative - loved the Mission Impossible theme when the detective arrived. I even loved the out-takes! What fun!

susan at black eyed susans kitchen

Who can resist? Everyone in my family loves donuts..great post. Susan


Those look really good! Yummy, warm home made doughnuts. Those are making our blueberry muffins that are still in the oven as I type look not so tasty..LOL


Those look so good! My daughter and I were talking of making some...maybe today would be a good day for it!
God bless.

Mary Beth

An afternoon of donut making! So fun and such great memories for your daughters with a delicious result!

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