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Love those three black dots on Miss Lily's precious lil' nose! She's sooo lovely...and so is her new blankie. She looks very happy and comfy! Happy Day to you all ((HUGS))


Hey, what a great idea. I should make a couple of those for my kitties, it would be a good use for some of my small pieces of batting and totally fat quarter friendly.

jenny b harris

Those eyes! One green and one blue, how beautiful. Lucky Lily to have a lovely new quilt to nap upon. What a blissful life (except for the paparazzi of course).


Hey, what a great idea. I should make a couple of those for my kitties, it would be a good use for some of my small pieces of batting and totally fat quarter friendly. And Miss Lily is very cute too!


Oh, I would love to curl up[ right next to her. She looks soooo comfy.

Sharon M.

Beautiful kitty--beautiful blankie! :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! She's a beauty!


Both are beautiful!


Oh yes, what one must endure when there is a blog post to write. I love that darling Lily and I for one am quite glad you gave us a close up of those gorgeous eyes! I keep reading about people making kitty beds and I'm feeling quite neglectful of my Otter. You see, he has not a one (gasp! bad kitty mom) I've got to get him set up soon!

I'm so sorry about your brother-in-law! Terribly sad. I couldn't find the post--did you delete it? I just wanted to offer my sympathies and send a big hug. I'm so sorry. Maybe I should have just called you because this comment is taking on copious proportions! xox.


she looks so sweer! i love the quilt idea too!


Love those eyes!


Great idea! You just solved my yellow chair/black cat problem! Thank you!


Lovely cat. I like to use flannel for cat/dog quilts as they really catch the hairs, then you can just put it right in the washer.


very nice blanket! i love the color combination! -kb


THAT is brilliant. Lucky kitty.


Miss Lily is a very elegant cat and she deserves the best blankies you can make for her naps. I am fascinated by her blue and her green eyes.


very cute :)


Too cool! :0)


What a cute idea! You have inspired a perfect Christmas present for a friend!!

kari & kijsa


Great idea! They both are so cute!


I love that idea! And your cat is seriously gorgeous - those eyes! You could make her a special Christmas one, or an Easter one... to match your holiday decor. I love that idea - I'm off to copy it immediately.


Believe it or not as i am typing this post my cat Maisie is sitting next to the computer screen staring silently at it!! I too better make her a quilt! Thanks for the idea, and thanks for the e-mail too.


Oh! Love that face! How'd you get a pic with kitty's eyes open? My cat, every time, has eyes closed. LOL


Very smart. I just slipcovered my couch in BEIGE and need to make a doggie quilt for it.


I make my cat quilts too!! I am a long time quilter and since a few years I breed Maine Coons.When I buy a new kitten I always make a little quilt en send or give it to its breeder.When the kitten is old enough to come to me the breeder brings the kitten with his quilt. I make a new quilt for the breeder to thank him for the kitten.I can fully underpin your phrase,that if you have a quilt,the cats will find it!! You now know why I do not make enough quilts lately...The cats are always sleeping on them!!


That is a beautiful kitty! My children have 4 cats, so I haven't one of my own right now, but when I have the chance, I want a white one....So pretty!
God bless.


ahh, Kitty quilts are fun. I've made a few myself. I like to add a small pocket on them.. to hold a stuffed mouse of course!

sandra lamb

Your Miss Lily looks just like our first cat 'Maggie' right down to the colour of her eyes. She was Samantha's 1st cat and we've been cat lovers ever since. We have had 6 over the years.

Always enjoy your blog.


Miss Lilly is a beauty. I've always thought eyes like hers are so pretty. They remind me a bit of gemstones.

P.S. My compliments to the girls on their movie. I laughed and laughed! It is truly wonderful!

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