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A perfect day indeed Vickie, especially a nice long soak:-)


Sounds wonderful. I love the bean teepee!


Yep, sounds pretty darn perfect :) She's a little cutie, too!


I have to say, I wasn't going to come on the computer and ever look at blogs, I lost my precious mom 2 days ago, But,,, I decided to just look at yours because you always make me smile Vicki well thank you again. I love reading and seeing your pictures and brought me back to what it going on outside, this is truly my favorite time of year, at least it was:)

Junie Moon

What a lovely day for you! And I'm so sorry about Deezie's mom.


I'm sorry about Deezies mom too, but glad I took the time to read your blog this morning even though it's my day off and lots to do, coz your day sounded perfect and cheered me up to!


Your blog is absolutely magical. I am really enjoying stepping inside your world for a little while each time I have a read. I love the Petit Bakery - gorgeous!


Thank you for making a bright start to my day. I love reflecting on simple pleasures, and you capture the joys of this time of year so well.


Aaaaah! Heaven! I love those sunflowers.


A perfect way to illustrate that life is simply made up of one temporary moment after another. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with me, they are lovely.


You write so wonderfully! I just loved the photo of the sunflower heads.


Aaahh....so lovely...


Always love your blog and the beautiful words you put to your beautiful pictures. Those sunflowers are amazing!


Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog and it's beautiful! I had so much fun reading the last few posts..and had to giggle a bit at the reference to the Susan Branch book / Jack,water,lemon trick...I was just reading that two nights ago! I love that book, don't you? Anyway, I have added you to my list of blogs to visit!


That does sound like a nice day...Not so dissimilar from mine, only, I forgot about the cake I had in the oven when I got in the bath and it was in 15 minutes too long!!!! How dumb was that? Calgon! Take me away!!
God bless.


When I was a kid Mom used to dry huge sunflower heads from our garden. Thanks for reminding me of that :)

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