Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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What a gorgeous quilt! I love a black background, very cozy :)


Oh...man, this is making me so happy! I want to make one now too. Thank you for the beautiful post, pictures and the leaf pattern! You're the best Miss V!!


So stunning. The colors are to die for!


That is a gorgeous quilt!!!! Just what you would want on a cool autumn evening!

Paula (Momma Pajama)

Gorgeous fall-i-ness! Thanks for the generous free patterns - I posted one of yours worked up on my blog today!


Your quilt is just beautiful' it certainly cmpliments the view from your back door.


Your blog never fails to inspire me! Thank you!!


Beautiful. I love fall :)


You always have so wise proverbs in your blog! And that quilt... what can I say? Fantastic.


Beautiful quilt! I'm saving your quotations on the top of the page. I think they would be nice added to a quilt label.

Junie Moon

Your quilt is a beautiful work of art--I'm loving it as well as your story about its progress. Thank you so much for the leaf pattern as I've been thinking of making some simple little throw pillows using leaves.


This quilt is lovely! Now to add quilting to my craft reportaire.


Oh Vicki, it's truly lovely! The embroidery makes it perfect. Thank you for the pattern. I like the idea of using wool felt as an alternative, for a small wall hanging, maybe by reducing the leaves.
I love that quote. I'm often taken by surprised to realize that there are some, who aren't even looking!


ooooh, you're making me want to try a quilt! My mom is great at it, I'm ready to learn how. This picture gets me in the "quiltin'" mood!


There are always so many pretty things to see over here and this quilt is no exception, you're work is amazing. I love everything you do and wish I knew your secret to getting things done. I have a lot of UFO's around here and have joined in the FWYH challenge to help motivate me, but it's still sort of overwhelming at times. Seeing you working on this makes me feel like I can get back on track with my own quilts again. Thanks for keeping this idea (and me!) moving along. :o)



Gorgeous quilt!!!


That's a lovely quilt! I'm going to enjoy looking at all your quiche recipes...maybe even try one. I featured your site as creative site of the day on mine. I really enjoy your blog and all the pictures too!


Simply stunning--gorgeous quilt, Vicki! Happy Day ((HUGS))


I absolutely LOVE it! I love the fall colors against the black, and the sashing it a neat choice (or is it sashing?). Can't wait to see it all put together.



Exquisite! So beautiful.


It's your quilt that is stunning! You've got me all fired up to make something in deep tones. Thanks for the inspiration!

Chris & Laurie

Gorgeous quilt I love it!!! Fall is my favorite time of the year!!!


I always THINK about making something like this but never get around to DOING it. Thanks for sharing!
Also, when the time comes, I'd love to know what technique you'll be using for hanging.


Wow! The leaves are beautiful! -kb


hi, ive been admiring the things that you do for some time now.
i found your site when i googled "japanese bags" and the omiyage pouches that you made came up.
i got excited right away and ordered that same book. it looks like most of the stiches there were sewn by hand and not sewing machine. did you
use sewing machine while making the pouches?


First time visitor...

Your quilt is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love Fall and the change to darker earth-like colors. You are very talented!!


Thank you so much for the pattern photo! After your wonderful, cozy description of quilting on your lap in the evenings I'm going to try my own.


the quilt IS beautiful!


I love it! Its gorgeous. The black in the background works so nicely. Really pretty.

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