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Miss Pearl

Thank You! Vicki and Grace for all that you guys do! I've been lurking for awhile but had to pipe up and tell you how wonderful this blog is and how it's the first one I check in the morning because it always, always has something nice to say and something inspiring to see. My world is a little better and brighter because of it and I really wanted to tell you that.

Diane B.

Ditto that!

Sharon M.

I have to comment on Grace's work. Grace you are amazing! I am 53 years old, used to have quite a collection of miniatures myself, and I still love to look at the tiny creations whenever I have a chance. I have seen lots of beautiful, tiny things over the years. Your work is beautiful and excellently done! Keep up the great work--you are a gifted young lady!!


I have some of that fabric too, but amazingly I hadn't recognized it as Susan Branch's work until now! I love the one with the broom and the caption "Housework when done correctly, may kill you".
I'm not surprised that Grace's lollipop tree was a hit - like all her creations it was lovely!


Oh what fun! Love the addition to the apron and your daughter's dollhouse treats look good enough to much! Hmmn...I really can't wait until my daughter is old enough so I can give her the dollhouse that is waiting for her! (and so we can decorate!)


We recently moved to western Oregon from the Seattle area (and I homeschool ,y 8 and 10 year olds), and I am having that same urge to bake! We're running out to get the fixings for apple crisp.
I love that your daughter makes things to sell. If everyone's work could be that fulfilling!


Your blog is totally inspiring. I love doll houses and this doll house bakery is wonderful...I just peeked at your Etsy shop. I discovered Susan Branch's Christmas Cookbook while living in Hong Kong. I was sooooo homesick for Western life that I cherished this cookbook so much. I love being back in the States, especially in the Autumn. So glad I found your blog. Karen


I had to look at those pics twice - before I realized I was looking at the little house, lol.

I'm glad Grace's little busines is booming - her miniatures are just fantastic.

I love Susan Branch's work, too. With cooler weather, this is the perfect time to 'Let the Kitchen Dance Begin.'

A 5 lb pie - really? That's a whole lotta pie!


I've been feeling a bit blue today, and just need to say that your blog is a cheerful start to putting an end to all thoughts dreary.

Thank you.


Those miniatures are so adorable...Grace is very talented. I have made different miniatures over the years, too. Can't quite figure out what material she uses, but I bet it is her secret. :)

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