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V. -
What did you use as the sashing between your leaf blocks? Is it ribbon or a print that you cut very, very precisely? I love the look of that!


How wonderful you found the binding. I think I might know the feeling of panic you felt (from personal experience :)
I do love your fabric combinations!
Thank you for your kind anniversary wishes.



WOW, I was right on the edge of my computer chair till the end on that story! What a sinking feeling that must have been when you at first couldn't find it.
Just finished four little embroidered bags using your patterns, I thought they came out pretty cute, take a look if you have time.
I guess you will be doing the happy dance when this quilt is done. And its oh so pretty.


Whew, thank goodness for Ebay, huh? I hate it when I'm *that* close to finishing a project and get held up... but it will be done soon enough, and, after all, what's another few days in its 10 year gestation? :0)


As I read about your dilemna I thought I might have some and I could bring it to you but alas, I have only the bright green and the blue...I do have some black gingham and a bias tape maker and we could see if it matches closely and make up that little bit...let me know what you think...


but that binding is just perfect. it had to be done. :-)


Beautiful job! I cannot wait to see it finished!


Thank heaven for Ebay...they have it all. I love the quilt and so happy you found the binding!

Jodi Renshaw

Please do show us the quilt in its full glory when you are finished!



Waiting will be so worth it though. It's the perfect binding.


That sooo sounds like a trick I would pull. Glad it worked out in the end. :o)


Love the pun in your title!

Thank god for ebay!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Good morning Vicki! Wowzers! Love the binding ~ will have to get me some!! Your quilt turned out great and is just perfect for Fall. ~~ Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!~~ Have a wonderful day! BTW, hilarious post!!


LOL! Now, that sounds like something that I would do!
I'm glad it all worked out.
Wow...great choices on the borders and the binding. Unexpected...I really like them.
Take care.


It is looking so pretty! So glad that disaster was diverted. Are you familiar with this source: http://www.grandmasatticquilting.com/index.asp? They're located in Dallas, OR. Not sure it that's near you, but they certainly have some wonderful things online!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! That sounds exactly like something I would do. Your quilt is beautiful!

Anne Haun

What is FWYH? I am in the dark on this one!


That pillow is spectacular!!!! I just love it!!! It's easy to see how much love went into it :)

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