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That quilt is just beautiful, it looks navy in the picture:-) Everytime I knit a dark shawl or afghan I say never again--corgi hair on it all the time! Great nature shots but can't say I would be too thrilled to see the bobcat!


Your wildlife looks abundant! I don't have deer down where I live, but do have a few hawks drop by to check out what they can find at my feeders.

happy zombie

How cool! I'm amazed at the wildlife that visits you. I never get those kind of visitors. That I can see, that is. Though I do find the little malted milk balls the deer leave for me on my lawn.


I love your quiche gallery. I could eat it every night...I literally could with all those recipes.



wow, how neat. lots of wildlife around oyu. I can't believe that very large kitty!!


Everything is just a wee bit better with a tad of cat hair on it~smile~ I LOVE the quilt..


Wholly-molie... it's Wild Kingdom over there!
I have a black quilt WIP; now I feel a bit discouraged... our cats drop and roll on every quilt project I pull out and always leave their furry calling cards... lol.
My children and I enjoyed your nature show, so thank you for the pictures.


OH WOW!!! I can't believe you had a bobcat in your back yard! That's just really amazing - no wonder the rabbits are gone. With him and the hawk they don't have much of a chance do they?! Love the pix, your yard looks wonderful! Em

Junie Moon

How wonderful to have opportunities for wildlife to "visit" you. I still love your quilt although I guess black would be a problem in picking up bits of lint, etc. It's still a gorgeous quilt and I love it!


we have hawks too and coyotes and deer around here, they roam at night . you gotta love the Tee I saw on a gal yesterday it said "your just not dressed til you got a little cat hair on ya."

hortensia rosa

I am a portuguese woman, and i love very mutch your work and pictures, very pretty.I love the quilt it is wonderful.
What is a bobcat? It is a lynx?


Wow! I enjoyed your wildlife :)


Oh my, what wild excitement you've been having around there!

I'm sorry I missed sending you and Ginger 'get well quickly' wishes while you were ill (I'm so behind on blog reading) - but I'm glad to hear you're both doing better. Just skimmed through your remedies below - thank you for those!

The black quilt is gorgeous - what a shame that black seems to magnetically attract everything white in sight...

Hope everyone stays well this autumn~xox


You're so fortunate to have these creatures visit your backyard. I just hope they survive the season.
Take care,


Wonderful wildlife, I'm envious. I can see alot of rabbits and red squirrels but that's all. Nothing really exciting like a bobcat.


Great wildlife photos! I see hawks, woodchucks, rabbits, possums, and chipmonks often - and I'm only a few blocks from downtown!

Boy do I agree with the black background in quilts! I did my first paper pieced small quilt with black years ago and vowed "never again!"

Glad you all are getting over the fall colds. Equal parts of whiskey (bourbon), lemon, and honey is great for a bad cough also.


It's nice to know you're all feeling better.
The quilt is beautiful. I have a little bit of black in all my rooms, but my bedroom. I love the way it simplifys the look of things. Some of my favorite quilts are Amish ones, with a lot of black.


what amazing wildlife you have visiting you!! A bobcat!


The deer I could handle -- but a bobcat? Oh my!


Oh animals in the wild! <3!

I'm so happy that summer is over (well not that happy that school is back in session) because it means your blog hiatus is over!


Great wild life and lovely quilt it does look navy in the picture you have spurred me on to have a go


What great pictures of all the wildlife. Your view of the world is wonderful. I'm still plugging along on "finish what you have" thanks to your inspiration.


I love those Pictures :)Love your quilt!Such fun idea..With the leafs i mean :)


Such great wildlife shots! I have always said that only other place I would ever live (besides CT) would be Oregon...your pictures always remind me why :)


Bobcat! Yikes! ;)


Bobcat? Dear me. Please tell me you have not ever seen a cougar in your yard? That would be some serious wildlife I would not want to see up close!! At least not through my kitchen window.


well the quilt looks great cat hairs and all and im jelous about the wild life in your garden.


Where do you live to get such wildlife in abundance? And can I come too?


How exciting it must be to have all that wildlife in your yard! I love your quilt...it will have been well worth it when it is finished.


The quilt looks navy blue to me...... and oh so pretty! I love the leaves! Did you sew them on top of the quilt square and then hand quilt around them and inside? I love your pictures.


A bobcat. Wow. That TRULY is something!

little stitcher

Wonderful leaves! The blog is lovely. http://littlestitcher.blogspot.com/

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