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Happy Birthday to You!!! The quilt is just lovely. So cozy and sweet; and definitely worth all the time in it. Enjoy that chocolate cake (you're a lucky girl). Best wishes for many, many happy returns of the day. Tina


Happy Birthday Vicki! The quilt is gorgeous. I love all the stitching on it. It's very textural, I want to touch it. Miss Lily is beautiful too. Enjoy the cake and your day!!


A very happy birthday to you! The quilt is stunning! And thanks for inspiring me to try and finish all my UFO's.


Happy birthday to you... enjoy your family, the food, and the finished objects!


Wonderful. :0) Happy b-day!


LOVE it! As always a splendid job. Adding my Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday! xox


A very happy birthday, Vicki - from one Virgo to another! (My birthday was Monday)
What a charming quilt!


Beautiful, I just want to spend the afternoon lazying under your quilt!


Happy Birthday!(I am sure good wishes are still valid, even when belated)


I love it. I'm inspired to do something similar....but then you always inspire me. I love the idea of story quilts though...and I find that I often quilt that way..meandering as a story may.

Happy birthday!!

Sharon M.

Happy Birthday!! The quilt is absolutely beautiful--and so is your family--what sweet expressions of love to you--those memories are the dearest! :)


Happy BDAY! I LOVE the quilt! I'm a big kindred spirit fan, and i love that this quilt is inspired by them :) rosemary


Happy Birthday Dear Vicki.
I wish you all the joy, inspiration and kindness that you give to others. May it come back to you every day, in every way.
The quilt is beautiful. I have that book!
I love the photograph of sweet Miss Lilly and the quilt.


Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors. Your work is just lovely!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

I hope the day brings all you wish for the upcoming year!

Beautiful quilt!!

Barbara H.

Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Let me take this opportunity to tell you I enjoy your blog so much. I've only commented a few times, but I love seeing your work and thoughts.


Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday and I hope you have as much fun as I did. I love the new quilt. It just cries out to be wrapped around you on a cool Fall evening. Cheers.


There's my second favorite kitty! Otter seems to prefer a plastic grocery bag these days for napping (???)


I'm so glad you finished this and was able to share it before the season ended..ha ha...it's so perfect in every way. Happy Birthday to you--enjoy the cake!


Happy Birthday!

Your quilt just leaves me breathless with its beauty. I love it!


Happy Birthday! You quilt is GORGEOUS! (you're making me think perhaps I can make one...very dangerous!!!)
thanks for sharing!


Happy Birthday Vicki, and I just love the quilt.

Lisa {milkshake}

I love the colors in the quilt. Happy birthday!

Jo Ann

Beautiful, Beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.
And a very Happy Birthday.


Guess I should stop lurking around and tell you this quilt is amazing!!! The finishing what you started has inspired me to finish a couple of quilts that have been sitting in the wings for quite a while ... definitely want to try this look out next though! Thanks for sharing it! :)


Happy Birthday Vicki! Now I know we must be kindred spirits - it's my birthday today, too! What fun!

I wanted to let you know that,even though I don't comment very often, I adore your blog and read it every day. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you give me.

Hope you continue to have the loveliest of birthdays!


the quilt is beautiful, i can't decided which bit is my favourite!

happy birthday


Happy birthday. What a beautiful quilt and a sweet, sweet kitty.


Vicky - a very happy birthday to you. I've been patiently waiting to see the the finished quilt. It's beautiful. Love reading what you're up to each day. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


From one virgo to another - Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE the quilt. I'm really partial to quilts that are whimsical and primitive. Did you follow a pattern or make it up yourself? Love it, Love it, Love it!!!


Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Mary Anne Drury

Happy birthday !! and what a darling quilt !!! You've inspired me to light a fire under my you - know - what to get my niece's long over due crazy quilt finished -- I like your idea of quilting it with embroidery floss !! very cute!!! I'm going to officially enter your "FWYH" challenge!!! I'll post it on my blog.


Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!


Happy, happy birthday to you! That quilt is absolutely lovely -- The stitching is just perfect! I'm trying to get some FWYH projects DONE -- but, um, I keep getting such great new ideas!


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day and the gift of time. (I think I'll ask for that on my next birthday, which is a BIG one!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Many birhtday wishes to you on your special day!!

Your quilt is gorgeous! I love all the details!!


A happy birthday!
What a beautiful quilt!
And it's true, cats are always lying on my quilts too, finished or not...

Junie Moon

A very happy birthday to you! I know today will be filled with love, laughter, and a celebration of your day of birth. Your Sweet Annie Quilt is exquisite.


Happy Birthday!!!

That quilt is GORGEOUS!! I adore that style. I'll have to put that idea on my list. :-)

jenny b harris

Happy Birthday!!!!! I confess I ogled the pictures yesterday but didn't read the text closely enough to see it is your day of days! (or was... I'm just a TAD late... as usual).

Hugs and smoochies!


I hope you've had a very wonderful birthday! I love all the embroidery on your quilt -- so much work! You've beat me to "the other side of the middle" by a week and a few days -- glad to see there's life on the "other side." LOL.


Oh my goodness! Your quilt is just the most adorable one I have seen! What a great job!!!!

I am a little late on the birthday wishes, however it looks like you had a delightful day and your family just loves you so much!!! Love the cake!!!!!!!

BTW, I can understand the slowing down. Seems since I turned 46, I just don't have the same zip in my doo dah that I did whilst in my early 40's. grrrr...

Have a lovely weekend!



Oh, the herb patches are so sweet! Thyme/Time are both such wonderful gifts to receive!
Once again, happy birthday, my friend! xox


Happy Birthday! The 20th is my mom's birthday too.


ohhhh, I`m too late - sorry :-(, but happy birthday wishes from germany :-)))). what a nice blog - congratulation.


this is so beautiful. belated happy birthday!


This quilt is amazing. Thanks for all the pics! Enjoy your birthday/week!


Just beautiful this quilt!

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