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Jo Ann

I am just a beginner quilter. Your blog is so inspiring. I love your Sweet Anne Quilt. I have a sweet person I would like to make a quilt for some day soon. I wish you could print a pattern or give some tips as to how to proceed making this type of quilt. Do you do all the hand work first? How large to make them? How to fit everything together. How much is preplanned?
Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.


love that quilt. I just made my first one a few months ago, and I tried to quilt with my machine...it didn't quite work out for me. I am just a beginner and I don't have a quilting machine. But it is all still so fun! Can't wait to find out how it goes!


What an appropriate UFO. I'm definitely planning on getting back to those soon.


Received my new patterns today thankyou. I love them, can't wait to use them. Yours are the best.
Pretty fall quilt!!


Lovely, leafy quilt!
The apron below is darling, too - it looks very flattering on Violette, which is uncommon, I think - as much as I love aprons, I don't normally think of them as figure-flattering, lol - but that one certainly is - love the polka dots, too.


I really like this quilt top! Hurry, hurry, so it's done in time to enjoy it this autumn! :)


Just checking to see if my comment, will comment here. :-)



I love the fall quilt concept. I keep picking up leaves when I walk around to save them and design a quilt around them. Not sure when I'll ever start the quilt, but your quilt here is very nice.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a beautiful quilt!

Junie Moon

The quilt is fabulous. It must be a relief to have it done and be able to enjoy it now.

I made a pile of unfinished projects on my kitchen table yesterday so I could see what's what. It is overwhelming. So, I put all that stuff to the side and pulled out only the Halloween projects I've started or stockpiled project components over time. It's a large pile, too, but that's what I'm going to focus on for now.


Longtime lurker here, but I am poking me head out to say what an amazing quilt top this is! I'd love to do something similar. LOVE the idea of doing a seasonal quilt wall! Your garden is looking lovely too. (sigh)


I love your quilt, and especially the way you've used that printed fabric as strips between the squares. It was a great choice,and so are the little red squares. They both liven up the already very pretty design.
I hope you get it finished and up on the wall soon!

Lindsey in AL

That is gorgeous!! I think I wouldn't bother to quilt or back it but just finish the edges and use it as a tablecloth. Beautiful work! I am always inspired by your blog.

Lindsey in AL

That is gorgeous!! I think I wouldn't bother to quilt or back it but just finish the edges and use it as a tablecloth. Beautiful work! I am always inspired by your blog.

Jodi Renshaw

I am totally loving that fall quilt. Good for you :)



BEAUTIFUL Quilt! Puts me right in the mood of the season, yes, getting colder here in WI too!


i'm totally loving this quilt! the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. i hope you'll share more pictures when it's done.


Fall is my favorite time of year...I love your leafy fall quilt!


i love your autumn quilt! autumn is my favorite time of year! i've thought i'd like to learn quilting, but reading many of jennifer chiaverini's elm creek quilt series (fiction) has given me the impression it's really quite complicated, so i'm not so sure! (i've just gotten the hang of knitting scarves as of last summer!)


ps ~ looking at your first pic of the quilt with your garden in the background has left me with a mighty case of garden envy! (beautiful pic!)


Those fall leaves are beautiful -- I'd say as to finishing, which would allow you to hang it in your home more quickly. It is the start of fall, you might even be able to use it THIS year!


Quite stunning!

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