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Just looking at your happy pictures makes me hungry. The sunflowers are amazing and what lovely blueberries. I really appreciate Grace's lemon nectar dressing--I will certainly try that, even the name is yummy.

Thank you!


What delicious pictures! Even your zucchini looks really good. Will have to try that recipe, and soon!

Miss Sassy

Great pictures. But is that a spider web on the blueberries in the first picture? I'm squeamish like that... Thanks for the lemon nectar recipe! I can't wait to try it.

Me: Yes, that is a spider's web! I didn't notice it when I snapped the picture though because I wasn't wearing my glasses. I thought the delicate lacy web was so pretty when I noticed it later. Generally, I'm not a fan of big hairy house spiders that creep around and scare the daylights outta me, but the garden varieties are quite useful and most appreciated.


I love seeing pictures of the garden knowing I was there taking in all its goodness! The lemon nectar sounds so yummy, gorgeous salad ms. Grace!


This is a pretty and poetic post. Especially the first photograph.
One of the nicest things about this time of year, is harvesting nature's bounty. I always try to keep blueberries in the freezer too. Grace's recipe sounds good. I've tasted a similar one before, with a bit of plain yogurt added to it. That one was good too.
LOL, about the glasses! I'm finding it a bit of challenge to try to learn my new camera because I need reading glasses for some things, and not for others.


Lovely blueberries,It may sound silly but I didn't know what blueberries grew on! Now I do,thanks to your lovely photo!


I love the colors of your photos - the fruits and veggies look so yummy. I have a garden too and my two little girls (ages 3 and 22 months) both love the garden. I'm going to miss it.

Lemon Tree Tales

Ah those sunflowers are simply amazing! So nice to have them in your backyard. And the lemon nectar sounds marvelous. I'll have to try some.



The fruit and veggies look absolutely delicious and I love the sunflowers!!


The salad and veggies look delicious.


What a fresh and lovely tribute to the waning summer season... I suspect you will do equal justice to autumn.


the weather looks soo lovely over there.You can not believe what a horrible summer we had in Belgium. No wonder everyone gets depressed out here.

I always love visiting your blog. Brings warmth and sun in my house. Bye,bye

Diane B.

Nature has the greatest color sense. Lovely photos!

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