Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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What a lovely birthday day! Have a happy and joyful day and thank you for always bringing such warm thoughts to us.

The cake is wonderful, better then anything from the store and looks delicious!!


No, indeed she can't! Best wishes to you Vicki. I'm glad it was a happy day.
My compliments to your chefs!


Glad you had a happy day!


Oh my word, that video is so cute! My husband and I just stood here laughing, almost crying.

Glad to hear you have had such a wonderful birthday week! Sounds like you have a wonderful family who love you very much.


Happy Birthday!

A fellow Virgo.


Happy birthday!!! Looks like it was a great day!!!!


Oh so precious! Cherish these times!!!!! The little bluebird is adorable, too.




PS: You are a huge inspiration! Just thought I'd tell you!!


well, happy birthday! It sounds like a great day! What a yummy looking cake!

Chef Bren

I woke my husband up to see that little baby laughing, I haven't heard a child laugh like that in a long, long time. So cute!!
What a precious child.

Happy Belated Birthday, I think you have a family that loves you dearly and what a treasure that they took the time to make you a cake and hubby to give you those beautiful flowers.

:) Bren


I forgot to mention he didn't even mind getting up from the couch when he saw that kid laughing so hard. :) Bren



Happy Belated Birthday wishes, Vicki! I'm glad you had such a lovely one - the gifts from the heart are so wonderful, the cake looks delicious - and that video! Oh, there's nothing quite like the laugh of a baby, is there? Thank you for sharing that gift! xox


Belated birthday wishes to you! My birthday is the same day as yours & I share it with my father & a cousin! September is such a nice month for birthdays. Best wishes for the coming year!


That You Tube made my morning!


Hey, that looks almost like last year's cake! Well, maybe in the making. Lucky you. And thank you for sharing that hilarious baby vid with manical laughter. I could upload that all day. It really is that contagious. Happy Birthday!


happy, happy birthday!

your cake was precious, what sweet, clever girls you have!



Thanks for the organizing link, and happy birthday to you! Hope your next year is an awesome one.

Miss Sassy

Happy Birthday!!! Homemade cake, flowers, sewing, reading - sounds great.


Oh.my.gosh. I can't believe I read your last post and didn't see that it was your birthday!!!! Horrors! Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!! I'm a September gal too (tomorrow, actually!) What love was showered down on you. Aww, I miss you and your girls! Wish so much we were closer. xox.


Happy Birthday! What a delightful post! Thanks for sharig you day! Best wishes...


from one birthday girl to another, happy, happy to you, Vicki! xoxoC


Late birthday wishes -- glad to hear it was a nice one. Thank you so much for the baby video -- I, too, have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. Wouldn't it be great to be so easily amused again, so that just a silly noise would set off huge belly laughs? On the other hand, I guess I AM easily amused, when a baby's belly laugh can set off the same in me!


So sorry I missed your birthday but I wanted to send you happy wishes anyway :) I *love* the baby video - here's another one that's very similar: http://www.koreus.com/video/bebe-rire.html
Isn't it wonderful how contagious baby laughter is?

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