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Deb in FL/Lavender Rose

Can anything so beautiful taste delicious, too!! Please call me for tea! :o


oh these cakes look so amazingly yum!


They look amazing :)


I have a recipe for zucchini pie that resembles apple pie so closely that if I don't tell people they cant tell the difference. I can send it to you if you want.


Those cakes are amazing...Let's have a tea party! ;o) The new shop items are fabulous--I could eat everything with a spoon, they are all so sweet! Zucchini...tricky little things, one minute slender, just needing and extra day or so, and then after said day or so they're the size of baseball bats--gak! Look forward to the zucchini quiche recipe...You'll need forticfication for keeping the Zucchini Watch going! LOL! ((HUGS))


Yummy looking cakes!
I'm with you on the zucchini. I only plant one these days because they're so overwhelming.


Wow, those cakes look fab - all of them!

I made courgette cake one year when i had way too many plants (we had courgette - sorry, zucchini, with everything!) and it was really yummy.


Look at the pretty cake! so many pretty pictures in this post!


Life always looks gracious and charming at your home!

Kim Sherrod

Hahahaha! My Dad grew zucchini one year and we had zucc everything! bread, cake, baked casseroles,fried, in soup! Man, was I sick of it by the time it was all over!
I would like to put in an order for some pastel pink cupcakes in a dome. No hurry what so evah! When ever she has time- really- my doll house isn't finished, other things keep getting in the way. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! I miss you! Nice to see a post! :) kim

Connie W

What delicious looking cakes - the real, and the dollhouse both - they make my mouth water. So pretty to look at!


Just lovely. What a wonderful way to spend a summer.


You have very talented children and I agree, their cakes were too pretty to eat!
I couldn't get zucchini seeds, or I didn't try hard enough, so I grabbed a package of yellow squash. They don't get as big as the zucchini, only 'bumpier'. They can be used in the same dishes. Unfortunately, last night, an apple tree uprooted and fell on my squash and beans. :(


My sister just told me about a "Mock Apple Pie Square (zucchini) recipe". I Googled it and found a recipe on cooks.com. Check it out. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has too much zucchini to give it a try. Looks like you have plenty to play with. Lovely cakes by your girls!!

Diane B.

You had me laughing with your postman's surprise! The girl's cakes were beautiful. I love Ginger's sense of style!


My children (adults now) all agree that one of their favorite memories is of the 'zucchini throwing contest' they participated in at their uncle's garden.

Even when they were small (the children, not the zucchini) they would start conversation with 'remember that day we threw food?'

Just a thought...

Like, if you run out of recipes.


hello, your blog is very beautiful. I like it. I am sorry for my english (I'm french).good night, zaza.


Both cakes are absolutely beautiful!

Haven't seen you guys in a long time, hope your summer is going well. :)


Oh, I love the lavender frosting! Beautiful cakes! I can only imagine what will turn out a few years from now! Your zucchini woes remind me of the year we had an over abundance of peaches from the backyard tree. We were making jam, ice-cream, pies...until we just couldn't eat peaches any more! I still can't look at another peach without remembering that summer :-)


Oops, I forgot to mention, have your girls seen the book "Pretty Party Cakes"? Its a wonderful recipe book filled with fantastic eye catching photographs and wonderful inspiration. I came across it at a local Borders the other day.


Ohhh. Such talented girls, just like their mum.
Those cakes, look sooo yummy!
Kisses Kisses

Dee Light

What a wonderful blog!!! All of your photos are just lovely!!! Your little crafties are sooooo cute, and that cake, oh my goodness how yummy!!!!


It looks like your summer is going well. The girls' cakes are beautiful!
My mom recently visited her best friend in California, where the cucumbers are growing as fast and as large as your zuccini! My mom smuggled a couple cucumbers home in her luggage! : ) I hope your postman likes zuccini.
I visited the shop and am in love with your "PEEP!" quilt! How long have you been quilting? Are you self taught or did you take a class somewhere? Quilting is one of those things I'd love to try, but with a baby on the way, it'll probably be years before I have the time. : )
Good luck finding things to do with your zuccini!

Laura W.

These are soooooo beautiful! I am inspired! My husband is going to Safeway to purchase the necessary ingredients to bake my own pretty pink cake! I am actually going to bake the cake tomorrow for a surprise tea party to celebrate my Mom's birthday...thank you for the idea :)


I have a wonderful chocolate zucchini cake recipe. Would you like it? It is quick & the zuccs add moisture not flavor.


Tell the girls their cakes look amazing! I didn't realize you had posted pictures when they told me about them yesterday.Beautiful!! Hannah really likes to do that kind of thing too.

V., thanks again, so much, for your time yesterday!! It was such a special day for Hannah and I both. xoxo.


Yummy and Beautiful! What a great job. You would just hate to slice them!!


I'm playing catch-up again - Belated congratulations to both Grace and Ginger - the girls' cakes look beautifully delicious - good enough to eat :D

And zucchini! Oh my - I wish I'd visited earlier - or perhaps you read about it on mine in time to celebrate - but August 8th was official "Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night." However, I believe this event can be unofficially celebrated throughout the month of August. It's a dangerous month to leave your porch unattended! Thanks for the recipes - I'll be needing them!

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