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It is hard to see good friends move away. They must be truly interesting people if they have a chicken for a pet--love that!

It's a lovely quilt--one that I'd choose for myself because I love the quiet blue and white color, so cozy.


I adore that fabric pattern. I've been lucky enough to find 1 twin flat sheets, a fabric remnant and a shower curtain all in the same fabric.


Oh my gosh! Yay you're back! Love the comforter, now off to read other posts and see other new pics!


That comforter is wonderful! Your granddaughter must love it!

Island jen

I have the sheet set that matches that quilt. No kidding, my mom gave the set to me when I moved out. She recieved them as a wedding gift in 1974 and they were for a double bed which they never owned. The sheets were still in the original packaging.
I've still got them somewhere...
The quilt is beautiful!

ellen kelley

Aren't three year old granddaughters precious...especially for me when I had only boys. Have a rollicking good time.

Diane B.

Honestly, you make the loveliest "girly" things.


Exquisite comforter! Your granddaughter will love it for years and years to come.


Beautiful comforter...No doubt it will become a family heirloom! Glad you had such a grand time with friends staying...parting is such sweet sorrow ((HUGS))


It is always hard to have dear friends move away. They sound like wonderful people---with a chicken for a pet, they must be fantastic!!
Pretty comforter for your granddaughter, she will get warm hugs from Grammee every time she cuddles under it.


It's so tough when friends move away. And it's always hard to stay in touch unless you really work hard at it. Thank goodness for the internet these days!
I love the little comforter.


Lovely comforter! I'm sure your granddaughter will cherish if for a long time. I love the print! I just came across your blog and love the things that you post. Very creative. Love the chicken story, though parting is often hard the memory of the chicken should keep you laughing.


What a sweet gift. She's so lucky to have a grandmother that can sew.

Claire Hicks

That quilt is lovely - looks comfortable and squishy and warm - perfect for curling up with. My cats would adore it too!



Oh how lovely! What a lucky little girl indeed!


Oh my goodness, the chicken! That is too precious! I read a story once when my son was little called "The Relatives Came," one of those kind that you find in the Scholastic newsletter they send home from school, filled with amazing illustrations. I am just all smiles thinking of you and the girls and that chicken! The comforter is spectacular!


Love the quilt...and from curtains? wow!
A question: somewhere on either your blog or a link to your blog was a pattern for a felted wool cupcake. I finally found some pink felted wool and my hard drive crashed and I've lost all my favorites. Does such a pattern ring a bell with you? wish I would have just printed out the directions!
thanks in advance...Paula


As someone who still has many of the things my Grandma made, I bet she will cherish them always!! Nothing can substitiute for the love that Grandma sews in :D :D



So pretty, V.! I'm glad you shared it. I'm giggling too as I picture your friends driving down the road with that chicken! Save a cupcake for Hannah and I, dang those look yummy!


Thats a very beautiful quilt. You have to be so creative to think of wonderful ideas as you did. I have a granddaughter who just turned 3 also in July. Aren't they just wonderful. She is extra special because it has been all boys all over...but then boys are wonderful too.

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