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so nice you popped in! i love thyme, thanks for the tour. happy summering : - )


Wow those gardens are incredible! I especially like the first picture of the Borage. it's one of my favourites but self seeds so terribly! I'm forever pulling it up!


Lovely to hear from you dear Vicki, such soothing pictures to gaze at... Thank you!


I think that I must go out and buy one more variety of thyme...
Beautiful post, vicki...


What beautiful photos and such an interesting post. Thank you for the virtual visit.

Marie x


So lovely to see you around again. What a wonderful post, thanks for this. Enjoy the 4th.

Bonnie Buckingham

What a treat to click on your site and here you are again! You made me want to plant my thyme in the garden instead of the pots! Loved your DREAM quilt. Enjoy the quiet of summer, even when it speeds up!
So this from the Bard:
I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet must-roses, and with eglantine.
- William Shakespeare,
A Midsummer Night's Dream
(Oberon at II, ii)



Beautiful pictures!!!
enjoy your summer:O)


I must confess to having a serious case of Turkey Feathers withdrawal. Thanks for the Midsummer post of fabulous flower photos. Missing you...


So happy to hear you are having a lovely summer!

Chris and Laurie

The virtual tour was great. I don't think I would want to leave if I was there in person. Thank you for sharing some of your photos:)


what a beautiful place; thank you for sharing it with those of us who can't visit! I'm glad you're having a good summer!


Is this really your yard...just breathtaking!!!


It's lovely to hear from you! The thyme garden is beautiful, I never knew there were so many different species. I love your quilt!


Thanks for sharing and inspiring a few other dreams. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

paula luckhurst

I must say I missed you and came here everyday to see if you posted something.
Very nice garden.


Lovely colours in your new quilt. I love that shades of green. And you have such a pretty garden!

Alison Parry

It makes me smile also. The gardens are beautiful.


That place looks amazing. Might be fun to try planting some of those blue, fuzzy things in your own garden.


Breathtaking! What a special place.Glad you're having a good summer.

Kim Sherrod

I'm with Diane- serious Turkeyfeathers withdrawl.
I may need hospitalization.
Or more crafting to keep my hands busy and my heart satisfied until you post again. I love the thyme bed and would love to plant some to lure the fairies. I am putting in a fairie door after I paint the sewing room. Maybe that will keep me busy. Miss you! Happy 4th! Happy Summer!


Such a great surprise to drop by here and see you left us a little note...and a reminder to soak up the summer and keep dreaming...I love that thyme garden--one of my favorite herbs. That peek of a new quilt--looks fab! Happy Days to you & yours! :o)


Thank you. So nice to find one of your wonderful posts.


Beautiful pics!! Glowing!


It's all so beautiful.
I'm glad that you're spending some of your time dreaming and hope that many of the things you've dreamed of are on their way to coming true.


How lovely! Just looking at the pictures brings refreshment.


wow, oh wow wow wow. Such breathless beauty. The mounding greens and purple of that thyme garden are just stunning. (as is everything else. That peaceful pond? oh....I miss the NW.)

Thyme is one of my favorite cooking herbs (second only to rosemary!), I seem to just keep buying more varieties - good to know I'm not going to run out of options anytime soon!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

There is nothing on t.v.. I didn't feel like sewing or crafting. So instead I thought I'd read your archives and instead found a beautiful post!

Deb in FL/Lavender Rose

I thought I saw a faery or woodnymph as I was looking at your pictures, too!! How enchanting and wonderful of you to share the pictures and the thoughts with us. I just adore you for it!!


Just thought I'd visit your site for a minute and SURPRISE!! What a great, tranquil spot. I loved being 'dragged' along for a visit. Thanks for taking me. Oh the joys of summer.


Such lovely pictures. You've got a wonderful home and garden. I just dropped by to wish you a great weekend.



Oh the dream quilt is great, love the colors , relaxing.


***I really did miss you and the blog

I love your pictures. especially the one of the boat on the pond. they make me want to go take some pictures! how long have you had your etsy shop?

little jenny wren

Thanks Vicki, i enjoyed that visit. it looks like a truly wonderful place, I wish my own garden looked half as good.


Oh!Oh! Oh! I had been feeling blue that you haven't been on line, so I've been reading your posts from last year. I'll catch up over the summer. And here today is something new! Makes me smile and feel good. Thank you so much for writing and taking pictures. A little breath of Heaven.


What a beautiful place. The thyme garden looks like a painting. Just lovely. Thank you for the virtual stroll.


Wow! How beautiful :)

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